Apple Music brings song lyrics to France, Germany, Ireland and 4 more countries

Sometimes you want to sing along to the song you’re listening to and Apple are making it easy on Apple Music by bringing lyrics to 7 more countries.

When you’re grooving along to music sometimes you just want to belt out the words yourself or just look at the meaning behind what they’re saying. Apple have you covered if you don’t already know the words with lyrics on their streaming service, now available in France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, and Spain as well.

Apple Music allows listeners to watch lyrics on-screen for songs that they have integrated the lyrics to whilst they play if they want to. You can also search song lyrics in Apple Music’s search bar to find music if you don’t know the artist or song name by typing in a line or sentence from the track.

Before today lyrics on Apple’s popular music streaming service were available only in Australia, Canada, US, and the UK after they introduced them early in 2017. In October Apple partnered with Genius, the massive lyrics site that allows community-based annotations to look into the meanings and stories behind songs and their lyrics. Genius became the official lyrics provider for Apple Music and brought their annotations to supported songs so that listeners can truly look into what artists are saying with their words.

Apple Music subscribers in the newly added countries can now view lyrics when they’re listening on PC, Apple TV, or on mobile and tablets.

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