The Middle East will be able to scan and discover tracks thanks to the region’s biggest music streaming service Anghami.

Apple have been in the process of acquiring Shazam‘s song recognition services since last year with plans to implement the music scanning software into their streaming service Apple Music. Whilst Apple move forward with their plans for Shazam following the EU’s approval of their purchase, Anghami are bringing a Shazam rival into their own music streaming service.

Anghami are the biggest music streaming service in the Middle East and they’ve just integrated ACRCloud into their services. Their roughly 50 million total users will now be able to scan songs through their services to discover what is playing and find it on their music streaming platform in a feature they have called Anghami Radar.

ACRCloud is based in Beijing and has created a music fingerprinting database with over 68 million tracks indexed. Tony Li, ACRCloud co-founder said: “Very excited to see Anghami brings our music recognition to the Middle East countries, it’s gonna be a new way for discovering music of Anghami users.”

Anghami co-founder, Elie Habib said: “Since we launched Anghami 6 years ago, we have been hard at work to make our product one of the most advanced locally made app in the world. We are proud of what our technical team has achieved in the latest version of Anghami. Today, we are introducing the Anghami feature, and we are positive that our users will find satisfaction in being able to quickly and accurately detect songs they are listening outside of Anghami and bring it to their library quickly and accurately.”