Image Credit: Apple Music

Explore other artists signed to the labels who released your favourite songs and albums, with new record label pages on Apple Music.

The latest update to Apple Music included a useful feature; the introduction of pages for record labels on the streaming service, just like artist pages. The news wasn’t as high-profile as their recent Spatial Audio announcement.

Record label pages sneaked through without fanfare last month, but is still a valuable new tool for music fans and artists using Apple Music.

Apple Music subscribers can now search for a specific label’s name on the app and browse their catalogue of albums and artists.

The idea, according to Zane Lowe, Apple Music’s creative director, is to help fans find more music from specific record labels who they trust to supply them with great tracks.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Lowe said:

“No one’s saying they’re such a big fan of Paramount, they’re a fan of the movies they make. What they’re really a fan of is Marvel because Marvel has zeroed in on what it’s really good at. The same can be applied to labels.

“When I was growing up, I wasn’t looking for the album that had the Warner logo on it, but I did go around looking for the Rough Trade logo, for XL…

“The labels we’re partnering with are the ones where I want to search for their logo on the back of the record, and would buy music unheard because I trust that.”

Introducing pages for record labels is also designed to highlight the creative decisions labels make when signing bands, rather than portraying the company as simply a cash-making distribution factory.

Apple Music has been busy with updates over the last few months. The streaming service announced the introduction of lossless audio streaming, without raising the price of subscription for their users – stealing Spotify’s thunder as the rival streaming service has yet to announce the cost or launch schedule of its own previously announced HiFi tier.

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