Apple launch Apple Music TV, a 24-hour stream of music videos and more

Featuring music video debuts, interviews, live shows, special events and more, Apple Music TV has started its non-stop livestream in US.

Apple Music TV are livestreaming a curated selection of videos for 24-hours a day. Starting today with Apple Music’s 100 most-streamed songs in the US.

This Thursday will see a special event for the release party of Bruce Springsteen’s new album Letter to You. Apple Music TV will stream the best music videos from Bruce Springsteen, as well as an interview with Apple Music 1 host Zane Lowe.

On Friday at noon ET, Apple Music TV will debut two new music videos: Joji777 and SAINt JHNGorgeous.

Apple Music TV is currently only available in the US. It’s free to access via Apple Music and Apple TV on the web and in apps.

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