Image credit: Apple Music

Apple Music’s version of Spotify Wrapped is here for 2021.

It’s time to strap in, wear your best headphones and relive your favourite songs of the year with Apple Music’s Replay 2021. The playlist will be updated every Sunday and is totally customised around your listening habits. All your favourite music of the year in one handy, convenient place. 

The playlist will also rank the tracks you’ve been listening to so far this year from one to 10, with your most frequently streamed being at the top of the list. 

As the playlist grows you should have an interesting time capsule of sounds that made up your 2021. Unlike Spotify Wrapped you you get to check the personalised playlist weekly and watch it update in real time. 

So, how do you get to see your Apple Music Replay

First of all you will need to be a subscriber to Apple Music and then it will be available in the app (as well as the browser version). 

In the app and on the web, you should be able to find it at the bottom of the ‘Listen Now’ tab. The web version may differ slightly as it offers a little more information, such as your most frequently played artists and albums, play counts as well as hours listened. 

Apple are yet to introduce a yearly roundup like Spotify, which has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. The data and artsy infographics aren’t present with Apple so the experience is a little less exciting, however still as interesting. 

It does, like Spotify Wrapped offer a moment’s reflection on your music taste and a possible reminder that it may be questionable. Either way, if you’re sharing it on social media you’re for sure going to be judged by the tastemakers of your social circle. Although, who needs that kind of judgement in your life, you do you!