Why does TIDAL keep saying “playing on another device”?

Image Credit: TIDAL

When you’re trying to stream music on TIDAL and keep getting an authorized devices error message, try these solutions first.

Getting an error message on TIDAL saying you can’t stream music because you’re apparently already using TIDAL somewhere else?

First things first, check you’re not playing music on two devices without realizing. TIDAL only lets you stream music in one place at a time, though you can use TIDAL in offline mode on up to five other devices.

Found another device? Completely close TIDAL on it to be able to resume streaming elsewhere. You can also deauthorize devices by logging into my.TIDAL.com, heading to Offline Devices and hitting Remove Device.

To deauthorize a device using the TIDAL app go to My Collection. Tap the wheel icon, head to Authorized Devices to see the list, and hit Deauthorize Device.  

If you’re still getting an error message, try a good old-fashioned reboot. First check you’re running the latest update of TIDAL, then force-close and restart the app. Next try restarting your device.

Still getting an error message? Try clearing your cache, and check your internet connection – it’s worth making sure other streaming sites are working fine as you may have a network or device hardware issue.

If you’re on a mobile device, try streaming through data instead of WIFI. And change your password, too, just in case you’ve been hacked.

When all else fails, contact TIDAL support and explain your issue.

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Free audio recording app from Roland is a pocket studio for producers old and new

Image Credit: Roland

Super-simple Zentracker is a new free music making app for Android and iOS.

Download this music production app free from Roland and you can record music wherever you are, on the bus or on your lunch break. Zentracker is a multi-track recording studio within your phone, available as a free app for iOS and Android, or with extra features in a subscription version.

The app is designed to be really easy to use, offering quick recording on mobile devices without having to get to grips with a complicated DAW interface. Once you’ve recorded some ideas or even finished a whole track on the app you can export stems and tracks to a DAW easily using Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

Zentracker has an unlimited number of audio tracks and boasts full recording, editing and mixing capabilities within the app. You also get more than 200 audio loops, audio editing with effects like stretch and reverse, and track freezing.

The controls are optimized for touch. The app has 16 audio effects on the mixer and timeline automation, with two track effects and sends on each channel. There’s also AUv3 audio effects plugin support for users on iOS devices.

Image Credit: Roland

That’s quite a lot of recording capabilities for a free app. You get more features if you get a Roland Cloud membership, including virtual instruments and unlimited track sends, but the free version of Zentracker seems like it would be a classy choice for beginners or producers looking to sketch out their ideas on the fly.

Check out Zentracker here – it’s free to download and use.

Just getting started making music? Read these tips for new producers:

Changes to the YouTube Music free app explained

Image Credit: YouTube Music

Are YouTube Premium users being scammed? Here’s exactly what changes are coming to the YouTube Music free app.

A few weeks ago, YouTube announced it was rolling out an update to the YouTube Music free app that would soon see users in Canada playing YouTube Music in the background as they browsed elsewhere on their iPhone, Android or other device.

This sparked a YouTube Music versus YouTube Premium debate, as paying users made it clear they weren’t impressed freemium users might be accessing perks that they have to fork out for.

In response, YouTube Music hastened to clear a few things up.

For those users in Canada who haven’t signed up to YouTube Music Premium, background play on YouTube Music will be audio-only, still with the ads that are part and parcel of using YouTube for free.

What free users won’t be able to do is listen to music without being on shuffle, or turn off those annoying ads. They can’t watch videos on YouTube Music, and there’s a limited number of skips.

Free YouTube Music users will still have unlimited access to the songs they’ve uploaded to the app themselves. They’ll be able to listen to personalised playlists, but only on shuffle, and access mixes tailored to different scenarios like workouts.

You can read YouTube’s full “Ask Me Anything” response here. The changes arrive from November 3rd in Canada initially, and rolling out worldwide thereafter.

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Is iTunes the same as Apple Music?

Image Credit: Apple

Confused? Let’s clear up the difference between iTunes and Apple Music.

A few years ago Apple quietly phased out iTunes from its branding, and Apple Music sneaked in instead. But what does that mean – is iTunes Apple Music? In a nutshell, yes.

Apple Music is Apple’s music player and streaming service, first launched as an app in 2015 to compete with streaming services like Spotify.  iTunes stuck around until 2019 when Apple split it into separate apps for music, podcasts, and TV.

If Apple Music replaced iTunes, why does the iTunes Windows app still exist?

Although sometimes still colloquially referred to as iTunes, Apple Music has now replaced the original music app for Mac users, and all media will have been automatically moved over from iTunes.

The confusing part however is that iTunes lives on for Windows users, still available for syncing Apple devices and accessing music libraries. Apple Music exists within iTunes on Windows as a streaming app.

Has selling my music on iTunes changed?

The good news is that nothing is different with regards to releasing music to iTunes. With RouteNote distribution for example, when Apple Music went live tracks by RouteNote artists on iTunes were automatically moved over.

Now when you sign up with us, simply select Apple Music and your tracks will be uploaded.

Every time we partner with a new service, whether that’s a streaming platform or social media company, your music is automatically added. But we’ll always let you do whatever you want with your music; whether that’s changing the stores you upload your songs to or leaving for another distributor; signing to a label; or moving between our Free and Premium distribution options.

With RouteNote you keep all the rights to your music, and if you’re uploading your songs with us for free, that means it will be free forever. Keep 85% of your earnings – or 100% with Premium. No hidden fees.

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Use this free Electric Piano VST to make Lo-fi music and Chillout tracks

Image Credit: Audiolatry

This Electric Piano VST, free from Audiolatry, is really versatile and sounds great.

A new free electric piano VST has joined Audiolatry’s Upright Piano plugin download, and it’s just as good. The tone of the plugin is impressive, offering a range of sounds from two sampled electric pianos – so it’s really two free virtual instruments in one.

Watch the free plugin in action below. Listening, you can imagine adding some electric piano over a slow lo-fi hip-hop beat, or giving a jazz track a soothing keys accompaniment.

The plugin has two velocity layers and features including reverb; a customisable tremolo module, which adds some wobble; panning; and a low pass and high pass filter cut off.

One downside is the plugin only works on Windows, though a macOS version is incoming. That’s true too for the Upright Piano VST, which you can check out here.

Download the Electric Piano plugin for free here.

What is the Deezer app?

Image Credit: Deezer

Deezer is a popular music streaming platform that lets you play a huge catalogue of music with lots of free features.

Deezer offers music streaming and podcasts with free and Premium subscription options to choose from. The service is available as an app for iOS, Android and on desktop, as well as on devices like smart speakers and within your browser.

Whilst not quite as popular as Spotify, the French streaming service has been around for nearly as long, arriving on the scene in 2007. Nowadays, the Deezer app is available in over 185 countries and has many similar features as other big streaming platforms like Apple Music and Amazon Music – including a catalogue of 73 million songs.

Image Credit: Deezer

Deezer’s free version is a stripped back subscription, but it still gives you song recommendations, live radio, and playlist creation tools for music and podcasts. There’s also features like lyrics and SongCatcher, which is a Shazam-like song identifier that will tell you what song is playing around you in real time. 

As the service is free, you pay for it by putting up with advertisements and being permanently stuck in shuffle mode. Deezer Premium subscription meanwhile lets you choose what songs to play, with the bonus of no adverts, plus the ability to download tracks for offline listening.

You can try out the Deezer app with Premium for a month for free. After that the Deezer monthly cost starts at $9.99 a month, with HiFi streaming and 360 Reality Audio available for $14.99 a month. Deezer for Students offers a discount, and Family lets six accounts access Premium for $17.99. Check out the full details of plans here.

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Apple’s Logic Pro update brings new features for creating music in spatial audio and Producer Packs

Image Credit: Apple

Logic Pro 10.7 introduces tools for spatial audio, royalty-free beats from top producers, and performance updates for the new MacBook Pros.

Yesterday Apple announced their powerful new MacBook Pros at their Unleashed event. Apple have also updated Logic Pro, their pro music creation software. Logic Pro 10.7 brings professional music creators powerful new features and workstation-class performance to the new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max.

The world’s most creative people use Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and the Mac to make the memorable movies, TV shows, online videos, songs, and soundtracks that we all enjoy. With the combination of powerful new features in Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, and the unprecedented performance from the MacBook Pro powered by the all-new M1 Pro and M1 Max, pros will be able to push the limits of their creativity like never before.

Bob Borchers, vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, Apple

After rolling out spatial audio support across their consumer hardware and software such as AirPods and Apple Music, Apple are now focusing on creative professionals. The updated Logic Pro features a complete set of mixing and rendering tools for creating music in spatial audio. Spatial audio brings a revolutionary audio experience and true multi-dimensional sound and clarity to music and videos. Musicians, producers and mix engineers can expand their stereo projects to the surround channels supported by Dolby Atmos using the new mixer and panner controls. 13 plug-ins have also been updated to take advantage of the spatial audio update, including Space Designer, Limiter, Loudness Meter and Tremolo. Once you’ve completed your project, export the mix as a Dolby Atmos ADM file, compatible with spatial audio supported devices on Apple Music.

The Producer Packs introduced in GarageBand this summer have landed on Logic Pro. Use beats, loops, samples and instruments created by today’s biggest hitmakers and producers such as Boys Noize, Mark Lettieri, Mark Ronson, Oak Felder, Soulection, Take A Daytrip, Tom Misch, and TRAKGIRL. Logic users now have access to 2,800 new loops, 50 new kits and 120 new patches to use in your own songs. All sounds are royalty-free, allowing you to distribute for free and earn revenue from your mixes on all major stores and streaming services with RouteNote. Also included in the new Logic Pro is the original multitrack project of the hit song “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” by Lil Nas X with a Dolby Atmos spatial audio mix of the track. Dive in and dissect the various instruments and effect of the track to improve your own music.

Boys Noize, Mark Lettieri, Mark Ronson, Oak Felder, Soulection, Take A Daytrip, Tom Misch, and TRAKGIRL
Image Credit: Apple

All features in Logic Pro have been optimized to take advantage of the power and performance of the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips in the MacBook Pro. This will allow creators to produce massive spatial audio mixes, quickly load large sample libraries, and use up to 3x as many plug-ins for recording on the new MacBook Pro with M1 Max.

Existing users can update to Logic Pro 10.7 today. New users can download a 90 day free trial here. Logic Pro is $199.99 on the Mac App Store. You’ll need to be running macOS 11.0 or later. See the full update feature set from Apple below.

Spatial Audio Authoring with Dolby Atmos

  • Transform your music into a Spatial Audio mix and create Dolby Atmos files compatible with Apple Music
  • Work with an enhanced mixer that supports metering and panning for speaker configurations up to 7.1.4
  • Position sounds within an immersive sound field using the new 3D Object Panner
  • Use the integrated Dolby Atmos renderer plug-in to visualize the 3D objects in your mix, and monitor in multi-channel mode for discrete speakers or binaural mode for headphones
  • Access 13 plug-ins that have been expanded to support 7.1.4 channels including Space Designer, Limiter, Tremolo, Flanger, and Phaser

More Content

  • 8 Producer Packs with royalty-free sounds from today’s biggest hitmakers including Boys Noize, Mark Lettieri, Mark Ronson, Oak Felder, Soulection, Take A Daytrip, Tom Misch, and TRAKGIRL
  • Sound Packs feature slap house; modern ambient; and a collection of 808 drum kits, bass samples and loops
  • Adds a total of 2800 loops, 50 kits, and 120 Patches
  • Original multi-track project of the hit song “MONTERO” by Lil Nas X including a Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio mix

Additional Features

  • Refined new design
  • Expanded tools for Step Sequencer that enable live step recording, melodic drum pattern editing, and more

See details on the new AirPods, HomePod mini colours and Apple Music Voice Plan.

Google launches an instrument tuner – online, free, and it works

Image Credit: Google

Google has just introduced an instrument tuner online that’s right there built into the top of your Google search.

Google’s new super useful guitar tuner, free online, is just a search away. The instrument tuner works with anything, whether that’s an acoustic guitar or a flute.

Just type “Google tuner” into the search engine and the guitar tuner with mic will appear at the top of the page. Hit the mic and watch the colourful dial inform you whether you’re in tune or not. No more searching for a free way to tune guitar online only to find you need to download an app, with in-app purchases.

Image Credit: Google

The free instrument tuner works on any device – computer or mobile – and is pretty accurate for a free chromatic tuner. Mobile devices do seem to pick up the sound of the instrument more accurately though, presumably because you can get the microphone closer to your guitar.

The Google tuner joins other nifty free tools, including the Metronome, Flip a coin and Colour picker, as well as the Google Hum to Search feature in the app.

New free Travis Scott samples pack makes creating an Astroworld type beat easy for beginners

Image Credit: BVKER

Create a Travis Scott-type beat free of charge with this awesome Travis Scott sound pack of over 100 samples.

If you’ve been wondering how to make a Travis Scott beat, these samples will set you up.

The free free drum samples pack “The Astro” from BVKER is inspired by the Travis Scott Astroworld drum kit. They’ve nailed his experimental sound. The samples sound great and they’re freshly made without recycling sounds, so you’ll sound unique.

“The Astro” is built for recreating a Travis Scott beat. The 808s pull no punches and the hi-hats are sharp.

BVKER have made it easy for you to get started making beats like Travis Scott by including two full audio construction kits of loops, stems and one-shots taken from the demo. The one-shots are tuned to C to make things even easier.

What do you get in The Astro Travis Scott drum pack?
  • 10 808s, tuned
  • 40 drum shots
  • Two construction kits
  • 23 hi-hats and cymbals

Grab the drum kit download here for free and start producing.

Get the Orange Dual Terror virtual guitar amp free – before your time is up

Treat yourself to a spooky surprise and grab the Orange Dual Terror on AmpliTube for free from IK Multimedia for limited time only.

Happy Hallowe’en! All AmpliTube 5 users can get the Orange Dual Terror virtual guitar amp for free when you sign up to the IK Multimedia newsletter before – you guessed it – October 31st.

The freebie is a virtual Dual Terror guitar amplifier. You can coax a range of tones from the three controls on both the warmer Fat Channel and Tiny Terror Channel.

The free download is for the Orange Dual Terror 30-watt guitar head which is compatible with AmpliTube 5 platforms. If you haven’t got a version of AmpliTube 5 you can download the free AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop plugin, a collection of pedals, mics and amps.

To get the free Dual Terror guitar head, make an IK Multimedia account if you haven’t already.

Follow the instructions here to download your free Orange Dual Terror amp.