Image Credit: Apple

Say cheese! Let’s explore how to make an artist profile on Apple Music your own by adding an artist photo.

Wondering how to add a picture to your Apple Music artist page? A photo that perfectly captures your personality is a good way for fans to get to know your brand, whichever streaming service they use to discover your music.

In the case of Apple Music, you can update your profile on the Apple Music for Artists website or iOS app, provided you have Administrator or Profile Editor permissions.

Before you get started there’s a few guidelines to follow. Make sure your chosen JPG or PNG image isn’t blurry and doesn’t contain any text or borders. It must be 72 dpi resolution and more than 800 x 800 pixels in size  – 2400 x 2400 pixels preferred.  

After you’ve changed your artist profile picture, the image will be reviewed. This could take up to five working days. Don’t worry if you’re rejected – correct the issue, and submit the image again.

Change artist profile on Apple Music for Artists iOS app

When changing an artist image on the iOS app, sign in and choose the artist.

Tap the three dots, and go to Manage.

Tap the Camera – you can either take a photo then and there or choose one from your photo library.

Resize the image, and hit Submit.

Change artist profile on the Apple Music for Artists website

Follow the same process as mobile for desktop uploads.

Sign into your account on the website and select the artist to manage.

Hit Manage, scroll to Artist Image section and hit Upload Image.

Then choose an image file and resize as appropriate.  

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