How to set up a Pre-Save for free

Pre-Saves are a great way for fans to instantly get your new music on their library as soon as it’s available.

In a world of on-demand streaming music moves fast and so do listeners. Not only are artists competing with almost all of the music ever recorded for headphone time but the number of artists, albums, and tracks on streaming services grows every single day.

Making sure you don’t get missed by the listeners who matter (your dedicated fans) is crucial to ensuring your next new release is a success. Luckily, Pre-Saves ensure that fans are listening when your new release drops and offer you a unique promotional opportunity.

In this article we’ll outline what a Pre-Save is, how you can get one, and the best way to use it to reach the largest possible audience with your upcoming releases. So read on and give your new music the boost it needs.

What is a Pre-Save?

A Pre-Save is the streaming equivalent of a pre-order. Instead of purchasing something in advance so that the product is yours when it is launched, Pre-Saves let listeners save tracks and albums to their playlists or libraries in advance of the release day.


This means that whenever fans spot your upcoming release, they can make sure they don’t forget it. Saving or “hearting” it into their library, liked songs, and playlists means that your music is put into listener’s favourite mixes before your music even goes live!

Come release day, your music is ready to be heard by not just the creator of the playlist but anyone who subscribes. This means that playlist curators can get your upcoming releases ready to feature before they’re out.

How to create a pre-save for your upcoming release

You can create a Pre-Save for your release on Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music currently. Before you get started with a Pre-Save you’re going to need an upcoming release. You can upload your release and set a release date and even a specific release time for free with us at RouteNote.

Once your release has been sent to the eligible stores for Pre-Saves then you can set one up. We recommend using as a free and simple solution to set up Pre-Saves for your fans to get ready to receive your music.

Here’s how to set up your Pre-Save using RouteNote and

  1. Upload your music through RouteNote and select your desired stores. Be sure to set a release date 2 weeks in advance at the very least.
  2. Once your music has been approved, head to your Artist Services tab whilst logged in to RouteNote. Head to the Marketing section and select URL Requests. Fill in the form and our team will then provide your links as soon as they are available.
  3. Head to and log-in to your account. Select ‘Create New Campaign’ and select ‘Pre-Save’. Select ‘No’ in response to the question of whether your release is available on streaming services.
  4. You can then customise your Pre-Save with a description, feature image, and your very own URL ending to personalise the link for fans.
  5. Select the services that you want your Pre-Saves to be available on with the date and time your release goes live. If you do not set a time then it will go live at 00:00 on the release day. You can also choose to enable artist follow for Spotify and Deezer, which means fans will follow you when they click your Pre-Save.
  6. Give your Pre-Save a custom name so you can easily come back and track its progress or make any changes. Then once you’re happy save it and make it live.
  7. Now it’s ready, share it to your fans and get listeners ready for your hot new drop!

Using for Pre-Saves and more music promotion

Using you get unlimited Pre-Saves, even if you’re using the platform for free! This is an amazing opportunity to promote your music in the lead up to release at no extra cost – especially if you’re already using RouteNote to upload your music to music streaming services for free. offers more beyond Pre-Saves to get your music in front of audiences and connect with listeners in unique ways. As a free user you get:

For $5 a month, you can upgrade to Premium and get: offers real-time analytics on all of the campaigns you create so that you can see exactly how fans are interacting. In-depth statistics show what people are clicking on and how they’re finding your content. It’s a great way to see how fans interact with your promotions and ensure that you’re capturing audiences in the right way.

Understanding how your audience find you and the ways that they interact is vital in understanding how to move forward. A good marketing campaign comes from understanding how they reach people and what they know will work and won’t work for an artist or brand.

Upload your music to the top streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer with RouteNote for free to start your artist’s journey across the world. Reach millions of listeners across the world and find your success.

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