How to set up a Pre-Save for free

Pre-Saves are a great way for fans to instantly get your new music on their library as soon as it’s available. We can help you create Pre-Saves on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer for free, whether you distribute through RouteNote or not.

There are a couple of things that are required before you can set-up a Pre-Save. You need a track or album due to go live in stores in the future and the URL to where your release will be. Once you’ve got these details, head to our partner site to create the Pre-Save.

If you’re uploading to RouteNote:

  • Make sure you set the release date at least two weeks in the future. This will give us enough time to moderate your release, send it on to stores and get the relevant links. Set it further in the future to maximize your promotion opportunities and anticipation.
  • Once it’s been approved, find your stores links here.

With anyone can create one Pre-Save link free of charge. So give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose. RouteNote users get five free Pre-Saves. If you want more, signup to Premium for $4.99/month and get unlimited Pre-Save. With you can also create free Fanlinks to easily share all the stores and social sites where your music is live.

With RouteNote you can distribute as much music with us to all major stores free of change, while you keep 85% of the revenue, or pay small fee and keep 100%.

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