Get a free mastering plugin that tames your peaks

IK Multimedia are offering a free download of their Classic Clipper which makes fighting against those big, bad peaks simple.

The Classic Clipper is a mastering plugin that makes it simple to control your outputs and nip those peaks in the bud. IK Multimedia are offering the plugin for free, claiming that it gives you more dynamic control over your mix than the usual peak limiting options.

The plugin is part of their T-RackS series of plugins and is used to “tame unruly peaks”. You can get it for free by signing up to IK Multimedia’s newsletter which will keep you in the loop with their new releases, announcements, events, and keep you informed when they offer another great free piece of software to their newsletter subscribers.

Find out more and sign up here to get your T-RackS Classic Clipper before September 22nd.

Remove track noise and fix your audio with ease using iZotope RX 8

Getting rid of annoying noises or inescapable buzzes can be the bane of many musicians. Thankfully iZoptope’s RX8 software has the solutions to mixing out everything you don’t want.

Legends of music software, iZotope have returned with more amazing tools that make being a recording musician as easy as it should be. The latest version of their RX program gives musicians and producers even more powerful ways to get their audio tracks sounding the best they can.

New to RX 8 is an improvement to their De-hum module. It identifies a base frequency within your audio track to help remove certain invasive frequencies without affecting the recorded audio. Their enhancements make it better and removing hums and buzzing whilst also intelligently working out with to use a De-noise or a De-hum.

Speaking of De-noise is a brand new guitar De-noise function that makes your guitar recordings shine like they were always meant to. It’s powerfully built with guitar in mind so that it can work out the accidental or overwhelming peaks and noises that can be caused by compression, electrical interference, fretting and string sounds, and harsh picking.

Use sliders to adjust exactly how much the De-noiser is doing you can perfectly refine the polishing of your guitar tracks. A new Loudness Control module lets you take a deep dive into the levels of your music and control it to the exact levels and peaks you want for your tracks.

Elsewhere in the updated program is Music Rebalance which is designed to help you find the perfect balance between all your tracks. It has been created to identify vocals, bass, percussion, guitars, and other instruments in your mix to bring them all into their own space and have them sounding the smoothest they can all together.

Discover all of the great features in iZotope RX and the fantastic additions that have been introduced in RX 8 here. You can get a 30 day free trial before deciding whether you want to purchase the complete program.

This “chaotic monosynth” packed with incredible possibilities is yours for free

Free plugins are everywhere but truly spectacular virtual instruments full of amazing sound, range and capability are a dime a dozen – and here’s the latest gem.

Pendulate is a new chaotic oscillator synth packed full of possible sounds from Newfangled Audio. Eventide are offering the synth to anyone for free to discover possibility of sound synthesis within and use it anyway you like.

The chaotic oscillator powering the sounds within Pendulate is based on a double pendulum, hence the name. Using the patterns that a pendulum creates, the sounds within this virtual synth are powered on feedback loops and fractals to create a range of unique and often gorgeous sounds.


  • Novel chaotic oscillator based on the double pendulum makes sounds you’ve never heard before, but will want to hear again
  • Wavefolder based on the one in the Buchla 259 Complex Waveform Generator, adding MIX and CUTOFF
  • Low Pass Gate based on the Buchla 292 adds controls for POLES and RESONANCE
  • Innovative modulation UI allows modulation over every control from the main page, allowing up to 169 simultaneous modulation routings
  • MPE support allows amazing control from innovative new controllers
  • Envelope and LFO each have multiple outputs generated at once, like a modular synth should
  • Modulation! Every mod output to every control means up to 221 modulation points in an intuitive single pane
  • Animations! The Double Pendulum, Wavefolder, and Low Pass Gate modules each have animations to show how each module responds to your input, and to modulation
  • Three unique color schemes to customize your look
  • 136 Presets including artist presets from Matt Lange and Matthew Wang

Get your free copy of Pendulate here.

Royalty-free techno sample pack – free download

Diode Eins release free-to-use peak time/driving/hard techno samples and loops from their Hymenoptera EP through Insectum Records.

The Hymenoptera sample pack is free for commercial or non-commercials projects. The pack includes the following:


Drums build the foundation of every great Techno tune, so we made sure to include a variety of one shots. Additionally you’ll get access to top, hat, percussion or rumble loops you can drag right into your project files to get new ideas going quickly.

Melodic Elements

Next up we rendered a bunch of melodic elements, so you’ll get a fine selection of arps, chords, pads, bass loops and other synths. Some tonal elements have further been bounced as one shots. To ensure a quick and easy workflow we labeled all files by BPM and key.

FX Elements

The last folder of our free Techno sample pack is filled with effect sounds, including atmospheres, risers or sweeps. In total the pack comes with 181 samples and takes up almost 500 MB on your hard drive.​


58 Drum Hits
43 Drum Loops
34 Melodic Elements
46 FX Elements

In Total

181 Files
470 MB


100% Royalty-Free
Genres: Techno & Dark Techno
Formats: .wav

Download for free here.

Roland’s official TR-808 plugin is now free until September

The drum machine that rocked the world, defined an era, and inspired generations is now available as a free plugin for your DAW.

The TR-808 from Roland is without a doubt the most iconic drum machine ever created. It’s instantly distinguishable kicks and claps shook hip-hop and have been the source for some of the biggest and most defining records of the last half a century.

If you’re an Apple Music user they have a whole documentary on the significance of Roland’s synthesised rhythm machine. Roland have been transferring their huge legacy in musics to the new digital realm of production through their Cloud Collection which includes the 808 as of 2018.

Until August 31st you can get the Roland TR-808 plugin for free and play with the legendary machine.

With a free Roland account you can download the TR-808 in its digital form and play with it until the end of the month.

If you end up loving it and want to use it for the long-term, you can gain access to the 808 and all of Roland’s other digitised versions of their iconic instruments over the years on Roland Cloud.

It costs $20 a month or $149 for a lifetime license and gives unlimited access to a boutique range of their impressive products over the years in digital form. Head here to see what they’ve got.

MPC Beats is Akai’s free beat making DAW for Mac or PC

MPC Beats is a cut down DAW based on Akai’s pro level MPC Software 2.0 with similar features, but without the $200 price tag.

Akai MPC Beats will have beginners and experts quickly producing great sounding beats with their new free DAW.

  • 16 pads for triggering drum samples and loops
  • Piano roll to record midi notes
  • Sample editor to chop & Edit
  • Browser to search & Select sounds
  • Information section to select and navigate between tracks
MPC Beats Laptop

MPC Beats is loaded with demo tracks and templates to help you get started remixing or producing music. Along with 2GB of including samples, loops and vitual instrument plugins, as well as 80 FX plugins from the Air Effects collection.

MPC Beats Plugins

Two stereo audio tracks for live recorded elements on top of eight MIDI/instrument tracks. MPC Beats Expansions start from $9.99 to widen your creativity. VST/AU compatibility allows for endless possibilities with third-party virtual instruments and processing plugins. Compatible with MIDI controllers from Akai and third-parties. Keys will auto-map or can be manually configured. MPC Beats can also be used as a plugin with your existing DAW.

MPC Beats Producer

The MPC Beats Adademy page is full of informative videos from helping you getting started to producing tracks.

Download for free from Akai here.

FL Studio 20.7.2 is now available

FL Studio’s latest update is live bringing new features to all users through their Lifetime Free Updates guarantee.

It’s the second update for FL Studio 20.7 that is improving workflow and bringing more power to creators. Here are all the new features that Fl Studio users get free with their versions of the beloved DAW.

Key Features

  • FL Studio Control hints – Most FL Studio controls now show their value when the mouse is hovered over them.
  • Channel Rack Groups – Users can now lock Channel Groups by deselecting the ‘Auto switch channel group‘ option.
  • MIDI file drag-and-drop import – Hold (Shift) to suppress the import dialog showing OR hold (Alt) to force show it when dropping MIDI files onto the Channel Rack.
  • Preserve Clip Trim Edits – Hold Shift when using the ‘Clip Menu > Select source channel‘ option to preserve Clip’s start and end positions.
  • Improved MIDI controller support – There is now a MIDI Scripting forum with new controllers being supported every day.
  • FLEX – Patch display and selector now available on the Wrapper. Loaded patches now scroll to a visible location when reopening projects.
  • ZGE Visualizer – Drag and drop Sliced Audio to the Video Cue-point window to add Cue Points (click Cue Points to preview).  ‘Remove unused‘ button added to Image tab.

TIP: If you are updating from FL Studio 11 or 12, check the video tutorial here.  To review all the updates since the release of FL Studio 20, see the manual here – New Features in FL Studio 20

Get a free Techno sample pack full of drums, FX and more

Producer and DJ trio Diode Eins are treating everyone to a free pack of quality samples to celebrate the release of their new EP.

To celebrate the launch of their new Hymenoptera EP, the talented trio behing Diode Eins have launched a mega pack full of amazing Techno sounds. Their Peak Time sample pack is made up of many of the wicked sounds that can be found on their EP and is totally free to download.

They are offering over 100 drum hits and loops as well as loads of melodic and FX elements with sound effects, bass loops, pad hits and more all labelled by BPM and key to make production simple to jump into.

Check out the sounds included on their SoundCloud below:

If you’re interested in getting these awesome sounds for free then click here. 

If you enjoy the sounds included then check out the music from Diode Eins where it all comes from:


Get a free pack of UK Drill Drum samples

Over 60 drum shots, 30 drum loops and more will get you producing beats in the emerging UK Drill genre inspired by Grime and Chicago Drill.

UK Drill has spawned out of it’s US counterpart and become it’s own unique and famously underground genre. Connecting with the Grime and Garage scenes, it is bringing a new life to the UK’s rap and trap communities and with this immense free pack of sounds you can start honing your Drill sound.

The creator, a producer, DJ, and sound designer who goes by BVKER has made his pack of 64 drum shots, 30 drum loops + MIDIs, and 16 melodic loops + MIDIs completely free for anyone to download.

Describing the pack, he says:

The tempo is based around 140 BPM and you’ll often hear a sliding sub bass, combined with a hard hitting kick and a closed hat, that is placed in a 3/16th pattern.
A lot of time the second snare hits a bit later than usual and the overall vibe is rather dark and a bit aggressive. This “dark” vibe is often created through piano chords, reverse effects etc. Popular rappers include Krept & Konan, Headie One, Digga D or RV. Whereas some of the pioneering producers were Carns Hill, QUIETPVCK and Mazza.


  • 10 kicks
  • 10 snares
  • 18 cymbals
  • 5 claps
  • 5 percussions
  • 16 808 shots
  • 10 808 loops
  • 16 melodic loops
  • 10 snare loops
  • 10 hat loops
  • +MIDIs

Head here to download your free pack to get you started producing drill now.

Native Instruments are offering free sounds from sound of the industry’s best creators

Sound packs feature Sia, Just Blaze, Kimbra, Georgia Anne Muldrow, and many more in a bid to share creativity and raise money for COVID-19

Native Instruments have launched their ‘Community Drive’, a campaign bringing sounds from huge creators to you in a bid to raise money for good causes. All the sounds in the impressive pack are free but they’re encouraging the people who are able to, to give a donation to specified music charities.

14 artists have come together to contribute sounds to the pack from some of the world’s most notorious producers, to huge pop stars, and more. It’s an incredible range of quality sounds that is definitely worth downloading when it’s completely free.

Of course, if you’re able to spare some money to charity for the privilege then do. Native Instruments have got things started with a massive $100,000 donation to their causes.

All funds raised will be split between the following organisations helping to support the music community at this time: Grammy MusiCares FundBlack Trans Femmes in the ArtsMusicians Without BordersKeychangeKuumba in Motion Expressing TransformationIn Place Of WarHeart N Soul.

Check out and download the pack for yourself here and see all the artists involved.