British startup DICE have teamed up with Apple Music to create some unique playlists, including recordings of live shows.

Every week DICE will upload new playlists for subscribers of Apple’s music streaming service – Apple Music. Along with music picks from staff, the live music ticketing company will introduce three special playlists that are so good “you’ll tell your grandkids about (or maybe not)”.

Dice Apple Music playlists

DICE’s three flagship playlists are:

Live At – A playlist of live music recorded on site at a different location each week. Live At playlists will bring “together the best live recordings from renowned venues across the globe”. Live At starts with recordings from Camden’s Roundhouse.

Set List – “Letting Fans relive the euphoria of last nights gig.” These playlists will be based around live events as well, however feature the studio recordings of all the tracks played at certain gigs. The first set-list playlist features the Maccabees performance at Brixton.

Lineup – Playlists featuring a selection of musical artists that have performed at a selection of British festivals, going “deep into the acts and artists who’ve performed at the UK’s best festivals past, present and future”.  Currently featured is a playlist for London festival Field Day’s upcoming 10th anniversary. Reading’s 1992 line-up is also named as a playlist to come.

DICE’s own Pat Mills and Josie Robs will be in charge of their own playlists. Mills will be hosting workout playlists that he feels are actually worth listening to, as a lover of “techno and muscles”. Robs will be creating curated selections of all of her favourite pop music that “will be party-ready, powerful, pivotal etc, but most of all, P.O.P”.

DICE’s head of music, Ross Tannen says: “We’ve basically bottled up music obsession in a series of playlists that will hopefully make the world a better place.”

DICE is an app for buying tickets to live music that cuts out the extra fees that come with purchasing live event tickets. Last year Apple named DICE in their Best Apps Of 2015 list, an accolade that has no doubt led to their curator status on Apple Music. The app is led by ex-Vice events manager Russ Tannen and BBC Radio 1 presenter Jen Long.

You can find and follow DICE  on Apple Music from the Curator Playlists section in the ‘New’ tab. Listen to Pat Mills’ #TECHNOGYM playlist and Josie Robs’ #POPBOBS by clicking on their hashtag with an Apple Music subscription.