Apple have added music videos into their music streaming service, something Spotify have missed out on for years.

Apple Music have expanded their music streaming service with music videos following services like Tidal. Lots of comparisons are drawn between Apple Music and Spotify’s very similar rival streaming services but Apple Music have at last passed them with a fairly big exclusive feature.

Not only will this bolster their service but Apple seem to have plans to make it a fully fledged feature, with exclusive videos saying they have “one of the most extensive music-video catalogues available”. They haven’t said how many music videos they do have but it’s likely not as extensive as the two biggest music video platforms currently online: YouTube and Vevo.

To kickstart the new feature Apple have exclusively premiered some new videos from A Tribe Called Quest, Beck, Kylie Minogue, Sabrina Carpenter, Jonas Blue, and up-and-comer Yebba. They will also curate playlists of music videos with selections including Today’s Video Hits, The A-List: Pop Videos, and Classic Dance Moves.

Apple Music will be able to stream music videos on their mobile apps, through iTunes and will be streamable on their Apple TV box. Apple have featured music videos on Apple Music before but these have always been music-focussed documentaries and entertainment rather than music videos.

Apple are introducing music videos into their music streaming service as YouTube move towards creating a fully fledged music platform to rectify the low stream royalties from music on their platform. Facebook have also been building their wildly popular video streaming and have recently signed deals with the major record labels as well as a bunch of independent music rights management agencies.