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iTunes - iTunes is Apple's digital music store. Launched in 2001 to complement the success of the iPod, today it is the biggest music retailer in the world. RouteNote is partnered with iTunes in all its stores Worldwide.

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Amazon Mp3 - Amazon MP3 is the digital music download store from Amazon. All music within Amazon MP3 is completely DRM free and at affordable prices. Amazon MP3 is available in many territories all over the world and is the second largest online music download store.

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YouTube - YouTube the video sharing phenomenon. Created in 2005 YouTube is The World's largest video streaming site as well as The World's largest music streaming service.

Google Play Music - Google Play comes pre-installed on all Android devices Worldwide. Consumers are able to download individual tracks, use the Google Locker Music service and also the add-free music subscription service.

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Xbox Music - Xbox Music is a digital music service developed by Microsoft that offers music through ad-supported streaming, subscription streaming and purchase through the Xbox Music Store. It is available on Xbox 360, Windows8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android. The Xbox Music catalog has over 30 million tracks.

Rdio - Rdio is an ad-free music subscription service that was created by the founders of Skype. Rdio is available on desktop, web, iOS, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry.

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eMusic - eMusic is an online music download store established in 1998. eMusic users can download a fixed number of tracks per month according to their monthly subscription and have recently launched an "a la carte" service.

Sony Music Unlimited - Sony Music Unlimited is a cloud-based digital music streaming service accessible on Sony devices as well as on some third party devices. It is available in two different subscription models: Basic or Unlimited.

Wimp - Wimp the high quality, direct to mobile phone streaming service.