RouteNote’s New Music Releases 18th June, 2021: 9 huge new tracks enter our home-brewed playlists

This week we have 9 stellar new tracks for you to put on the speakers and add to your libraries. Discover the latest fire heating up our 3 RouteNote curated playlists, full of the hottest artists coming through RouteNote.

It’s New Music Friday again and that means hundreds of amazing new songs will be going live today just in time for the weekend and our hungry, hungry ears to devour. Many songs have come through RouteNote to release this week and picking from all of the greatness is never easy. So here we have 9 highlights that stood out and are going into our playlists today.

For those of you who missed the memo, RouteNote now have our very own curated Spotify playlists updated every week. There’s Hooked for the up-tempo party soundtracks; Catalyst for the best in Dance, House, and Chill House; and Lo-Fi offering the very best in chilled beats.

Without further adieu, here are just 9 of the brand new releases coming out today that are going straight into our playlists for spinning around the world.

REZarin, Cuish, Sam Welch – Torn (RAZZ Remix)

This huge remix is heading into our Hooked playlist as the perfect soundtrack for drinks by the pool, sunning at the beach, or simply dancing around the living room. Razz breathes new life into this massive tune to give you a fresh taste of the summer.

Alande – Reason

The second track going into Hooked is this massive house hit. With the thumping rhythm of the very best in 90s dance this mix will send you shooting back into the sunny days of old when the weekend was made for coming together and getting down, nothing else.

Alex Bimson, Miranda Myles – Angel Like You

Our final track loading up our Hooked playlist this week is this fantastic record featuring the catchy vocals of Miranda Myles. Put your shades on, put this track on, and find bring the party (even if COVID means the party is in your garden with your cat!)

NALYRO, Future Friends – Keep Me High

NALRYO is entering our Catalyst mix this week with this unbeatable beat with Future Friends. The sound of dance music’s future is here and we love it.

ZANAVIA, ALYE – Free Falling

On a chilled note, this lush piece is joining Keep Me High on our Catalyst playlist bringing some raw emotion with a powerful electronic composition backing it up.

Nexeri, Tara Louise – Riptide

Last but certainly not least for Catalyst is this gorgeous new hit from Nexeri and Tara Louise on one of our favourite tune-purveyors: Soave. Big vibes for a big playlist of good music this week.

Noel Lawrence – Call Me Yours

On a much more mellow note, Noel Lawrence brings us this beautiful piece as the perfect addition to our Lo-Fi playlist. Chilling in the sun or lounging on the sofa has never sounded so good.

Flex – GANG GANG (lofi mix)

Never judge books by covers. GANG GANG from Flex actually offers some of the smoothest vibes we’ve heard this year in this incredible new lofi mix, making it perfect for our Lo-Fi playlist!

untrusted, pretence – eyes blue or brown, can’t remember

Finally slip away into good, calm feelings with the latest from untrusted. This stripped back piece is everything we needed to chill out after a busy week and we hope that with a spot in our Lo-Fi playlist it helps bring you some much-needed peace as well.

You can get your music on Spotify and all of the other biggest streaming services in the world for free when you upload with RouteNote. Want to get featured in our playlists or any of Spotify’s huge curated music collections? Get your music online today.

RouteNote Artists’ sales statistics for April 2021 are now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for April 2021 on your account at

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Payments will be made between now and the 20th if your earnings have reached the $50 threshold.

If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to and our friendly support team will be happy to help.

RouteNote Artists’ sales statistics for March 2021 are now available

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What stores do UnitedMasters distribute to for free?

UnitedMasters offer free music distribution but only to a select number of stores. With RouteNote you can send your music to all of our partners, covering the top music services around the world, completely free.

Both RouteNote and UnitedMasters are in the business of free distribution, helping artists get their music heard around the world. However, for distribution to all of the biggest music streaming services, download stores, and social media sites you’ll have to pay extra with United Masters.

UnitedMasters only offer free distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, and SoundCloud with 90% of the royalties going to artists. For distribution to any of their other partners you will have to pay. At RouteNote we offer free distribution to every single one of our partners and artists keep 85% of their royalties.

Artists will also have to pay to upload “as much music as you want” on UnitedMasters, but users can upload unlimited releases for free with RouteNote.

RouteNote are partnered with a number of huge global music services like eMusic, Nuuday, Kuack Media, Kanjian, MelOn, Bugs!, YG, and NetEase which UnitedMasters don’t offer distribution to whether on their free or ‘SELECT’ tier.

It is always the artist/labels choice which service suits them better. To find out more about what RouteNote can offer you, you can explore our website and sign up for free today. If you’re looking to switch from UnitedMasters to RouteNote, you can read our article on how you can easily switch distributors.

How to upload music to Qobuz for free

Qobuz bring the best in high quality music to listeners around the world and now we can take your music in high fidelity to audiences looking to experience your music at its best.

We’re partnered with Qobuz to bring your music to their millions of listeners and music lovers. Qobuz offer both high quality music streaming and Hi-Fi music downloads on their platform and you can distribute your lossless, FLAC tracks and releases for free with RouteNote.

Make money from every purchase of your music and each stream of your tracks whilst empowering existing fans and potential new listeners with your music in HD. You can upload as many releases as you like to Qobuz and our many other partners at no cost, keeping 85% of the revenues your music makes.

For a small upfront cost, users can upload their music to RouteNote Premium and keep 100% of all of the earnings that their music makes on streaming and downloads. Whichever method of distribution you choose, there are ears out there waiting to hear your music in crisp high quality and we offer distribution of FLAC audio on both Free and Premium.

Qobuz have just launched in 6 new countries to take your high quality music to millions more potential fans. They’re now available in 18 countries including their home-country France, as well as the UK, the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, and many others.

Distributing to Qobuz also means your music will land on Qub Musique, a Canadian streaming service offering over 50 million tracks and local playlists. Qobuz and Qub have teamed up to offer their catalogues of high fidelity music to their respective audiences.

You can find out more and sign up for your free account at today. Distribute your music to the biggest services in the world including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, TIDAL, Deezer, Pandora, TikTok, Facebook, and so many more.

What does a RouteNote YouTube claim mean on my video?

We work with YouTube to protect artists’ music and make sure they get paid whenever their tracks are used. This can be confusing for some YouTube creators, so we’re here to clear it up!

When an artists selects Content ID for music distribution with us, that means it gets added to YouTube’s library of content recognition so that they know any time it is used in any music. This allows creators to use the music they love in their videos whilst ensuring the creator’s of the tunes get paid at the same time – win win!

However, we do understand how receiving a claim on your channel can be a worrying sight at first for a creator. We’re here to let you know not to worry. First of all, it’s not a copyright strike which affects your channel and has no bearing over the future of your channel.

All a claim does is allow the revenue earned on a video to go to the owners of the music copyrights. It’s that simple! Check out our video below for more information.

So if you’ve been claimed by us and you don’t think you should have or you have the right to use it, simply dispute the claim on YouTube and our team will check it out and release it as soon as possible if we can.

For more information, head to our Support Hub where we have lots more information.

RouteNote Artists’ sales statistics for February 2021 are now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for February 2021 on your account at

Log-in to see your earnings, with full breakdowns of your streams and sales across all stores and platforms in your Statistics page.
Payments will be made between now and the 20th if your earnings have reached the $50 threshold.

If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to and our friendly support team will be happy to help.

See how many videos have used your music on TikTok, now available on RouteNote

We’ve updated our statistics reports so that each month you can get an even clearer vision of how people around the world are loving and listening to your music.

RouteNote users will now be able to view a new section in their full CSV reports showing ‘Creations’ from TikTok. This extra stat shows how many videos your tracks have been used on and appears alongside your ‘Views’ figures, representing the total number of views on videos your music has been used in.

TikTok is taking the world by storm right now and more creators are jumping on there than ever before to soundtrack their moments with the music they love -yours! So this extra detail will give you a deeper insight into how the big, wide world of the TikTok community are enjoying your music.

You can find your detailed statistics report between the 15th-20th every month and they are uploaded 45 days after each month. So for example, statistics and earnings for January are available from the 15th March.

Head to your RouteNote account and log in to see your statistics. If you’re not a user yet and want to sign up for free distribution to all of the worlds biggest streaming services and platforms, then simply head to

Get your music on Qobuz and Qub Musique free with RouteNote

Getting your music on the world’s top services doesn’t need to be difficult. Get your music on all of the top services in the world with RouteNote – free and easy.

Qobuz are experts in high definition music, offering high quality streaming and downloads to listeners around the globe. The French company has been offering the best in music as long as Spotify, and has been expanding to countries around the world including the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain to bring their huge catalogue of lossless, high definition music.

We’re proud to be partnered with these purveyors of the best sounding music available to bring independent artists and labels from all over the world onto their platform. Anyone can upload their high quality music to us for free distribution to Qobuz as well as all of the other biggest music platforms in the world to reach brand new listeners and earn money from music.

Qobuz have partnered with Qub Musique to bring their catalogue to even more lovely listeners and make sure no-one is missing the party (the party arriving when your music is played, of course!). This means that when you upload your music to Qobuz with RouteNote you will be heard even further on Qub Musique.

Qub was launched by Canadian company Québecor as the first Quebec founded music streaming service. It offers over 50 million tracks and loads of playlists created by local curators and hopes to shine a spotlight on their local music scene whilst also sharing the incredible selection of talent around the world.

In case that wasn’t exciting enough, Qobuz are expanding into Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand – so more listeners hearing your tracks in the best possible resolution wherever they are!

You can create a free account at and then you can upload unlimited music releases to all of our partner stores including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TIDAL, Deezer, Pandora, Tencent, and so many more. You get paid with every stream and download and we send your earnings on to you.

You keep 85% of all the money your music makes or, for a small upfront cost, you can distribute on our Premium tier and keep 100% of your streaming and download revenue. There is no lock-in so you can come and go at any time.

We value freedom and choice in music – so if you choose to use RouteNote, then sign up today and start distributing.

How to get my music on South Korea’s Vibe

Image credit: Vibe

Add your music to one of South Korea’s largest music service Vibe with RouteNote.

Here at RouteNote, we have extended the global reach of our service with our partnership with YG Entertainments Vibe, one of South Korea’s largest streaming services. You can now have your music heard by a staggering 10 million potential listeners. 

YG Entertainment is a super-label in South Korea that is responsible for the extremely popular PSY, who found massive success with his single ‘Gangnam Style’. South Korea is a huge new market for artists and the music industry in general, a country that is hungry for new music! 

We’ve already been helping get your music to South Korea through Melon and Bugs, two of the leaders in online music for the country. Now, as we add Vibe to our ever-growing list we can help you reach millions of new music fans. 

This is another example of our dedication to getting your music heard as far and wide as possible. We also distribute to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many many others. You can sign up for FREE and have your music distributed across the globe here.

Find out more here: