RouteNote Artists’ sales statistics for November 2020 are now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for November 2020 on your account at

Log-in to see your earnings, with full breakdowns of your streams and sales across all stores and platforms in your Statistics page.
Payments will be made between now and the 20th if your earnings have reached the $50 threshold.

If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to and our friendly support team will be happy to help.

What does Xiami Music closing mean for my music?

RouteNote distribute thousands of artists and label’s music to Alibaba owned Xiami Music via Kanjian. What steps as an artist do I need to take?

RouteNote distribute music to Xiami Music along with 30+ other Asian music stores and streaming services via Kanjian. As RouteNote handles all of the behind-the-scenes distribution of your music, you needn’t take any steps due to the closure of Xiami Music. If you distribute your music to Kanjian, we’ll continue sending your music to all of the other active Asian stores and streaming services they deliver to.

In case you missed it, Alibaba have announced they will be closing their music streaming service Xiami Music (one of the big three music streaming services in China).

Synchedin – cheap music licensing for creators globally

Our partner site Synchedin offers unlimited downloads of their full catalogue with thousands of tracks for commercial use, for just $4.99 per month.

Synchedin is affordable sync licensing for creators, allowing you to use and monetize any songs from our huge library on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. without any claims from us or the original artist.

Synchedin Catalogue

All tracks are properly categorised so you can search and filter by track name, artist name, genre, sub genre, mood, vocals, instruments and BPM. Find a track you like, download it instantly for free, or add it to your favourites or a playlist to find it later.

Subscriptions are just $4.99/month or $49.99/year for unlimited access to our full catalogue. Click here to get started.

RouteNote: What to expect over the festive period

We’re nearly at the end of 2020 and – as they say – it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Whilst we’ll be doing our best to keep things running smoothly, here’s what we want to make you aware of over the next month.

The RouteNote team will still be working through the festive period and new years – except from English bank holiday days. This means that we don’t expect much of a delay in distribution or our email responses this year.

However, we wanted to make you aware that there is likely to be some slowdown for the week leading into the new year and a little in to January.

Moderation: We expect that moderation of new releases may take up to 1 week at the longest with delays caused by the period. This should then be back on track to 72 hours moderation within the first weeks of January.

Response times: With the slight delays caused by the period we might not be able to respond to you as quickly as usual. We are expecting a couple of weeks delay for support responses if you get in touch in the week leading up to the new year. Our support team will be dedicated to assisting you once more and reducing the delays through January and expect to have responses back to 48 hours by the end of the month.

We understand that any delays aren’t ideal and we apologise for any inconvenience in advance. As always, we are dedicated to you and your music – but after a long year that has been busier than ever with more artists coming to us than ever before we all need a little break.

We will be doing everything to ensure that any January delays are minimised and that schedules are back on track as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding and happy holidays!

Update: RouteNote will be adopting new terminology with YouTube Content ID

In a bid to promote inclusive language throughout the company we will be changing our acceptable terminology for black/white-listing to allow/block-listing.

Following suit with changes throughout the tech industry, we have changed our terminology when it comes to clearing and blocking channels on YouTube for Content ID claims.

We are adopting the terms allowlisting and blocklisting in place of whitelisting and blacklisting. If you use our services for YouTube Content ID this is how we will be referring to channels that we have cleared from claims or are disallowing from use of content.

These updates in terminology will be applied across the board at RouteNote in an effort to neutralise our language. If you’d like to understand why we’re doing this, Langston Hughes illustrates the issue well.

Looking Back At our RouteNote Sessions

Image Credit: RouteNote Sessions

Whilst We Wait For Our RouteNote Sessions To Return We Look At Our Past Favourites

The RouteNote Sessions started back in 2018 and was very much a passion project with the aim of putting more power in the hands of artists. The idea was to create a high quality and well produced live studio session at no cost to the artist. Giving them yet another piece of material or asset for them to use for promotion, whether that was for a gig, new release or just in general. The sessions also highlighted the amazing talent, through a variety of genres that operate in Cornwall and further afield. Strengthening just how important musical creativity is and how important it is to give these artists a platform to shine. 

The sessions ran weekly during 2018 and the majority of 2019 but due to the pandemic these have had to temporarily cease. In addition to this RouteNote has also been looking at travelling further afield to undertake festival\live music sessions, not to mention bespoke on location sessions. Now, like everyone else, we eagerly await the return of live music and when it does expect plenty of amazing sessions from a variety of artists. 

Whilst we wait, we’ve been going through our past sessions, picking out our most memorable sessions. Of course all of them have been fantastic but a few will always have a special place in our hearts. 

School Disco

The DIY psych\garage rock band from Brighton graced our studio and certianly left their mark. It’s a session chock full of frantic riffs and pure garage rock energy.

Ronnie Cook & Friends

The Falmouth based artist hit the studio and instantly wowed us all with his velvety, soulful vocals and groovy guitar play. His music is a brilliant combination of soul, jazz, rock n roll and blues all wrapped up into one stunning contemporary package.


When talking about music in Cornwall it is almost guaranteed that the Tinnedfruit boys will appear in conversation. The garage rock outfit are known for their chaotic, high energy live shows, they’re legendary in the Cornish scene. The live session captures the bands energetic and alluring sound perfectly.

Charlotte Lloyd-Butler

The Cornish based artist arrived with her band to give an outer worldly performance. Her stunning vocals shine through the impressive compositions. It’s a heartfelt, emotive and incredibly stunning performance.

Rash Decision 

Get ready to have your ears melted with the Rash Decision session. It’s 12 minutes of thrash/hardcore punk that is unrelenting in it’s high octane energy. *Warning, you may require a neck brace post watch due to headbanging*.

Milo Gore

Forming at Falmouth University the band quickly took the local scene by storm. In fact, they became an integral part of it due to their work as a band and through their label/events company Red Van Records. Their session boasted the bands anthemic, emotive indie sound and the brutally raw and honest songwriting.


These guys may have gone off the radar recently but their session still remains as possibly one of the best. It’s a dreamy soundscape that is elevated by sickly sweet vocals, it’s hard not to fall in love with their music.


Another Cornish act that is legendary for their explosive and wildly fun sound. The duo always come crashing through with a large sound that is impressive for just two people. If you’re looking for a mid-week, punk rock pick me up then we urge you to check out their session.

Mia Tuesday 

The dreamy pop duo consisting of sisters Mia and Tuesday blend dreamy soundscapes with angelic vocal harmonies, creating a warm and endearing atmosphere. It’s heartfelt music that is good for the soul and their session is personification of that.

Tugboat Captain

There is one word that stands out when thinking about this indie collective, fun. They’re full of positive vibes, good energy and catchy rhythms. It’s hard not to be enamoured by this band’s energy. We guarantee you will fall in love with them after watching their session.

Pattern Pusher

The Exeter based band are also merchants of fun, bringing a funky indie hybrid to the table. Synths rush over a groovy bass whilst soulful vocals sour through. It is virtually impossible to not feel the urge to dance when listening to them. They’re a band fully dedicated to their craft and it’s clear to see how much they enjoy it, it’s very infectious.

Martin Harley

The roots and blues guitarist has built up a strong global audience, no doubt due to his impressive guitar skills and prowess as a slide guitarist. It’s a wonderful slice of Americana that is driven by it’s delicate vocals. Pour yourself a whiskey, get comfortable and enjoy Martin’s session.

RouteNote Artists’ sales statistics for October 2020 are now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for October 2020 on your account at

Log-in to see your earnings, with full breakdowns of your streams and sales across all stores and platforms in your Statistics page.
Payments will be made between now and the 20th if your earnings have reached the $50 threshold.

If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to and our friendly support team will be happy to help.

Anthony Keyrouz features in Spotify’s huge Dance Rising playlist this week

Anthony Keyrouz has been finding his tracks in huge playlists across Spotify lately and ‘Dance With Your Devil’ is featured in one of their biggest this week.

It never stops being exciting when we see the artists we work with to get their music out there featured in the biggest playlists around. Anthony Keyrouz has been going from strength to strength with his releases gaining millions of streams and fans.

We were incredibly excited to see his latest track Dance With Your Devil added to Spotify’s Dance Rising this week. The playlists has almost 2 million followers tuning in each week for the latest and greatest in dance music that is blowing up or on the rise.

Dance With Your Devil is blowing up with EDM lovers around the world since its release on the 11th. It’s featured in a host of Spotify’s hottest playlists including their new release spotlights: New Music Friday Deutschland, Friday Cratediggers, New Dance Beats, and many more.

The brand new release from Keyrouz, who is renowned by deep house lovers, features Séb Mont providing the vocals for this hot track that will have you keening for the return of clubs as soon as possible.

Check out this hot new release on Spotify below.

We’re celebrating 500,000 users on RouteNote!

We recently reached a huge milestone with more than a half a million users around the world now using RouteNote to get their music out across the globe.

RouteNote’s humble beginning saw an idea form in a tiny recording studio in Redruth, Cornwall. Noticing that the independent artists they worked with would record their albums, get them sounding great, only to have no way of reaching audiences with their recorded music.

RouteNote’s CEO, Steven Finch, ran with an idea that he thought capable of transforming the music industry for small artists and, joined by RouteNote COO James Bennett, they took to making it happen. Just two men in Cornwall with a dream to give independent artists the same opportunities as major label artists to get heard in the new digital economy of music.

13 years later we are an ever-growing team of more than 70 people and we’re celebrating 500,000 users. That’s right, a whopping half a million people are now getting their music on digital music platforms and getting heard all across the globe through us. 

We have always felt privileged to be able to empower independent artists and labels by putting music distribution in their hands. We have seen the industry transform in the last decade and now more than ever, the artist and label are in control of their music with the help of an ever-changing digital landscape which we are proud to be part of.

The journey does not stop here though! This is the beginning of a journey we have been on since the beginning to empower creators with bigger and better methods of taking control of their content and reaching a global audience on their own terms. 

We want to thank every single person who has joined us along the way and we hope that you join us as we continue to revolutionise industries in favour of the independent creators.Together we are changing the music industry for the better!

Spotify Canvas is now available for all RouteNote artists

Let your tracks stand out with unique moving artwork, now available to all RouteNote artists through your Spotify for Artists account.

We are thrilled to announce that Canvas covers are now available to all artists who distribute through RouteNote. The unique feature lets you add a custom cover to your music that moves and flows as listeners jam along to your tracks.

To add a Canvas to any of your tracks, you’ll need to have claimed your artist profile on Spotify for Artists. If you don’t have a Spotify for Artists account yet that is linked to your artist profile, go to Once you’re logged in it’s simple.

  1. Head to
  2. Select ‘Music’ from the row at the top of the page
  3. Choose the track you want to add a Canvas too
  4. Select ‘Add Canvas’ in the top right of your page
  5. Click the big ‘+’ sign or drag and drop your file in

There are some requirements that your Canvas must meet to be added to Spotify and available to listeners streaming on their mobile devices. All Canvas images must be:

  • 9:16 ratio
  • At least 720px tall
  • An MP4 or JPEG file
  • 3s to 8s long (MP4 only)
  • Adhere to Spotify policies

If you’re stumped on how to create a Canvas or what you should do for yours; Spotify will be adding a new section on SoundBetter where users can link up with visual designers who will create you a unique Canvas moving image that represents your music.

For more information and best practices on adding your very own Canvas to your tracks on Spotify, head to

Spotify Canvas is unfortunately still unavailable to consumers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, MENA (Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates), and India.