Image Credit: Sonos

Does Sonos work with Apple Music? Yes, and now Sonos is adding support for spatial audio on Apple Music for its customers for the first time.

From March 28, Sonos owners who use Apple Music will be able to listen to tracks in spatial audio. Specifically, Apple Music spatial audio support will be available for Sonos speakers Era 300, Arc, and Beam (Gen 2).

Spatial audio offers an immersive way of experiencing music. 360-degree audio places the listener in the centre, hearing elements from every angle of the stereo field.

Spatial audio on Sonos speaker playing Apple Music.

Spatial audio is free for Apple Music users, but using the feature requires compatible hardware like speakers or headphones. Apple Music has previously partnered with Mercedes-Benz to bring Spatial Audio to vehicles, and its own HomePod speakers support the listening mode.

Sonos meanwhile recently partnered with another streaming platform, Deezer, to bring the Deezer library of tracks to Sonos Radio. And Sonos’ Era 300 speaker which has just been announced by the audio company is also designed specifically for spatial audio.

Giles Martin, VP of Sound Experience at Sonos said: “It’s a thrilling time in music as spatial audio – and the artist creativity that comes with it – continues to grow.”

“Sonos continues to put its listeners at the forefront of sound innovation, ensuring they have access through Apple Music to transformative experiences like spatial audio with Dolby Atmos, so they can feel more from the content they love.”

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