Shazam are helping Apple Music predict the top charts

Apple Music have teamed up with Shazam to present you with the 50 tracks each week that they reckon are going to be the next big thing.

There’s a new music chart on the scene for Apple Music listeners to discover the rising music as it’s starting to trend. Using Shazam’s algorithms the ‘Discovery’ chart presents a top 50 of tracks they predict are going to get big.

The chart will rank songs that are trending in over 10 countries including the UK to find what music is being talked about more and more. They’ll be adding artists from more countries soon so that their Discovery chart can find even more up-and-coming artists and tracks that are tipped to get hot.

Jen Walsh, the Senior Director of Shazam, Beats 1, and Apple Music, says: “Shazam has always strived to offer artists the discoverability and visibility they’re working so hard to win. This chart takes this approach one step further. It speaks directly to these rising talents, it puts them on the forefront of Apple Music every week, and it tells them that music fans are actively trying to discover their music around the world.”

The chart is available for Apple Music Subscribers to browse and stream to hear the music that is gaining momentum or showing potential. The chart is updated once every week so that it’s always ahead of the curve and up on that latest music trends.

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