RouteNote’s New Music Releases 22nd October 2021: Twelve tracks to fire up your Friday

Listen up for some of the best new music from RouteNote artists heading onto our curated playlists this weekend.

Friday is here and we’re back at it again showing you the best new releases uploaded by independent artists to RouteNote this week. These 12 stomping tracks are heading onto our curated playlists.

We’ve got four fabulous in-house playlists for your eager ears. Hooked will ensnare you with its upbeat rhythms, Catalyst is your go-to for everything House music related, Lo-Fi is a great mix for studying to, and Tranquilize is a selection of the chillest new tracks.

Every song that appears on our playlists was released by the artist via RouteNote distribution. Want to be featured? Upload your songs with RouteNote for free, and you could see your song on a future New Music Friday playlist. We can’t wait to hear your tracks!

Uplink, KENO – Mi Gente

First up on our Hooked playlist is “Mi Gente,” featuring super-catchy synth and vocal lines and a dark beat built for when the sun drops out of sight and you’re ready to head for the club.

KIRE – Let Me Tell You Something

With a classic dance track piano chord sequence and soulful vocal loop, “Let Me Tell You Something” with get your heart racing. Great for a workout.

Tommy Loude – Eternal

Our final choice from Hooked this week switches between ghostly vibes to a pumping beat, an eerie atmosphere rippling throughout.

Vexento – Flashback

Next up, our Catalyst playlist. A RouteNote favourite, Vexento always brings the party vibes. “Flashback” is no different, dropping fun music box melodies one minute and dancefloor-ready builds the next.

 SouMix, Solina – When The Party’s Over

Whack up the volume on this. SouMix gives the Billie Eilish smash “When The Party’s Over” a dramatic makeover, with bass that smacks down in between 20-year-old Solina’s gorgeous vocal.

Sönnefelt, Joan Alasta – Ocean

Joan Alasta’s rich, passionate singing voice blends dreamily with Sönnefelt’s inventive production in “Ocean,” our final choice from our Catalyst mix.

Peaceful Melody, soave lofi – She Will Be Loved

Now let’s explore three tracks from our Lo-Fi mix. First up, this version of the early noughties Maroon 5 classic “She Will Be Loved” is so laid-back its horizontal. Bet you’ll still sing along with the melody from the tranquil guitar though.

golden era – No Where (lofi version)

Don’t get up – keep on relaxing with this short but sweet instrumental version of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s track “No Where” from the master of lo-fi cover tracks, golden era.

Emmanuel Nova, Homedown – Just Remember One Day

The final highlight from the Lo-Fi playlist sees Emmanuel Nova and Homedown joining forces for a lovely slice of lofi hip-hop.

Coolum – Bliss

Keep those chill vibes as we head into our Tranquilize mix. “Bliss” will definitely put a big grin on your face, from the cheerful banjo introduction to the skipping drumbeat.

Sam Ojalvo – Swimming Circles

Sam Ojalvo’s dreamy guitar licks shimmer through “Swimming Circles,” another cracker for our Tranquilize mix.

Wavey – In My Darkness

We’re closing out the playlist highlights this week with “In My Darkness,” featuring layers of murmured vocals, a spinning piano line and lurking synths which are both gentle and build up the anticipation.  

How to get music on Apple Music and iTunes on time this Holiday Season 2021

Imagec credit: Igor Miske

Here are the dates to upload your music by this year to ensure it’s uploaded in time with delays around the New Year.

If you have an upcoming release that you’re planning to upload in the next few months approaching the Holiday Season and the New Year, here are the dates you need to bear in mind. When planning your upcoming release please use this calendar to allow yourself time for upload to Apple Music and iTunes.

Release DateDelivery Deadline
November 26, 2021November 12, 2021
December 3, 2021November 19, 2021
December 10, 2021December 3, 2021
December 17, 2021December 10, 2021
December 24, 2021December 10, 2021
December 31, 2021December 17, 2021
January 7, 2022December 24, 2021

Bear in mind that when uploading your music through RouteNote you will need to pass moderation before being sent to stores. Whilst we aim to moderate your releases within 5 days, there may be an issue with your release which needs action before we can review it again and approve it if the changes are made.

Please allow time for moderation, potential changes to be made, and then for delivery between us and Apple when considering their own delivery deadlines and release date schedules for the Holiday Season this year.

If you are updating your releases that are already uploaded to Apple Music and iTunes then please also consider delays due to the change in schedule and that your music might not be updated as quickly as usual between the 20th December 2021 and the 1st January 2022.

If you have any questions or issues then get in touch with us via a Support Ticket or at

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 15th October 2021: Eleven songs to get the weekend started

Here are 11 of the best new songs from RouteNote artists to brighten your Friday – turn that music up loud!

Hello, weekend! It’s Friday and that means a whole load of new music going onto our RouteNote playlists.

RouteNote’s in house playlists are crammed full of great tracks. Every week we hand-pick songs for our four playlists – HookedCatalystLo-Fi, and Tranquilize.

Each mix captures a different mood to suit however you’re feeling and whatever mischief you’re getting up to this weekend. Below are 11 of the best tracks hitting the playlists this Friday.

All these fabulous featured artists chose RouteNote to distribute their music. For the chance to get your music on our in house playlists, upload your songs with RouteNote today – it’s free.

Lorenz Koin, Bromage – Pulling Me Under

The first pick from our Hooked playlist of high-tempo tracks is “Pulling Me Under,” featuring catchy melodies and a motivational beat.

SP3CTRUM, Stephen Geisler – The Way

Next up from Hooked is “The Way.” Handclaps keep the pace up whilst the ominous bass builds the excitement to push you into the weekend.

Rydhen, Pold Castin – C90

Rydhen and Pold Castin are ready to help you prepare for the club with a build that’ll get your blood pumping. Turn up the bass to embrace that pulsing synth hook.

Marin Hoxha – Particle

Heading into our Catalyst playlist now for some House gems. The shimmering loops of “Particle” would be a great soundtrack for your leisurely weekend jog.

Pawoh – Sunset

Next, loosen up with the swinging beat and chill vibe of Pawoh’s “Sunset,” the next tune from our Catalyst playlist.

Rolipso, PYASTA, imallryt – Show Me

Get everyone up and moving with the final selection from our Catalyst mix. Those vocal layers and haunting harmonies contrast cleverly with the charged upbeat flow.

creamy, untrusted, 11:11 Music Group – spooky, scary skeletons (lofi mix)

Didn’t you hear? Spooky season’s here, and the children’s tune “Spooky, Scary Skeletons” has been reshaped into a funky and jazzy lo-fi track. Taken from our Lo-Fi playlist. Hallowe’en, but cute.

simmerdown – stabs duty

The final track chosen from our Lo-Fi playlist comes from one of the RouteNote team! Yep, lots of us are musicians too. But we’re not playing favourites by including rising female producer simmerdown this week – hit play and you’ll understand why “stabs duty” made the cut.

Vannorte – Lotusland

Last up, three tracks from our Tranquilize mix. Press play on “Lotusland” on Monday and let the graceful guitar set you on a relaxed course for the week ahead.

Ace Gordon – MohicanNIGHTS (Chillout Mix)

Next, Ace Gordon’s track has a good groove but also an easy listening feel that fits right in on our Tranquilize playlist.

Seyu, Padre Tóxico – For A Real One

And lastly on Tranquilize, the captivating “For A Real One” opens with a shuffling drum rhythm before heading down twisting avenues of RnB, soul and hip-hop.

Does YouTube pay artists royalties for music?

YouTube pays out royalties for the video and music content available on their website and here’s how.

Yes, YouTube does pay royalties to artists and labels for music content available on their platform. Some creators will monetise their content directly through YouTube’s Partner Programme. Many creators will use a third-party like RouteNote to get their music on YouTube and earn revenue for every play.

At RouteNote there are a number of ways we can earn you money from your music on YouTube’s platform and each of them is available to all artists and labels for free. If you want more information on how YouTube collects royalties and how artists and creators can earn money from their content click here.

Upload to YouTube Music

We have a direct partnership with YouTube’s music streaming service YouTube Music. Send your music to YouTube Music for free with RouteNote and your releases will be available to stream for listeners around the world, earning cash with every play.

YouTube’s music streaming service offers listeners unlimited listening to all of the world’s music with exclusive content like live versions and demos that you can’t get on other services like Spotify and Apple Music. Getting your music on YouTube Music puts you on the largest audience in the world through the world’s number one video website.

YouTube Content ID

YouTube’s Content ID system allows them to scan all content uploaded to YouTube and recognise when anyone’s music is being used in a video. This allows them to monetise videos on behalf of the artists when their tracks are used in videos, allowing creators freedom to soundtrack their videos and ensuring that music rightsholders get their rightful revenue.

We work with YouTube to add our artists’ music to the Content ID library, allowing us to pay artists whenever their music is used on YouTube.

Monetizing YouTube Videos

RouteNote’s YouTube Network accepts creators’ channels into a community of creators with over 200 million monthly views. We help artists to monetise the videos on their channel so that they can earn money from views on their videos.

Your earnings will come from direct uploads to your channel through our YouTube Network, unlike on YouTube Music which earns only for music. This means you can monetise any type of video content including behind-the-scenes videos, demos and live versions you haven’t uploaded to streaming services, and anything else you add to your channel.

How do YouTube music royalties work

Image credit: Szabo Viktor

Join us as we explore how music royalties work on YouTube and how you can make money with RouteNote.

YouTube and music flock together like birds of a feather. Since YouTube launched all the way back in 2005, it has been a home for musicians of all shapes and sizes to share their creations. It’s the most popular place for music videos on the web, it’s a home for any wacky music creations people want to share, and as of 2018 it’s a traditional music streaming service as well as a user-uploaded source of tracks, albums, and performances.

Music is so huge on YouTube that around a quarter of views on the website are spent on music – that’s roughly 250 million hours of music in a day! This huge reach means it’s an exciting and sought after place for artists to reach listeners through but of course that comes with some questions for artists too. We’re going to clear up some of the biggest questions surrounding YouTube and their music royalties.

Does YouTube pay artists royalties for music?

YouTube does pay out royalties to artists and labels for every play of their music. It depends on how their music has been uploaded to YouTube as to how they will receive royalties from their music.

How to get royalties from YouTube

Artists can upload their releases to YouTube like they would to a traditional streaming service, putting it on YouTube Music as well as the main site. At RouteNote we offer free distribution to YouTube of any artists’ music. Artists will then receive their earnings monthly, 45 days after the end of each month. For example; YouTube will send us the earnings from January in time for March 15th when they will be added to artists’ RouteNote accounts.

Artists can upload their music to YouTube Content ID with RouteNote to earn money any time their music is used in other creator’s videos. Payments from Content ID streams will also be added to users’ accounts 45 days after the end of each month.

For video creators, you can earn money from your non-music videos too by joining the RouteNote YouTube Network. We work with a huge community of creators to help creators go further and earn money from their content on YouTube.

YouTube royalties per view

It’s impossible to nail down an exact and consistent figure for the worth of digital royalties as they depend on so many variables like the country they were played in and whether the viewer was a paying subscriber or a free user.

The most recent guess-timation on how much streaming services pay per stream from Digital Music News reckons that YouTube Music pays out roughly $0.00676 per play (based on Google Play Music data).

For non-music content they found that YouTube pays roughly $0.00069 per view on videos.

Do RouteNote collect YouTube royalties?

As mentioned above, we work closely with YouTube in a variety of ways to earn money for artists of all shapes and sizes who get their music on the platform. Anyone can sign up for a free account at RouteNote and keep 85% of all the earnings they make whilst using our free services.

Users can also release their music on our well priced Premium platform to keep 100% of all the royalties they earn for a small upfront cost on their release. Once their music has been on Premium for a year it’s only $9.99 to renew any release on the Premium tier.

Can I earn YouTube music Sync Royalties?

Sync Royalties are generated when a composition is used with a moving image – a film, a TV episode, and now with online videos too. YouTube pays out a specific type of royalty known as Micro-Sync Royalties for the legal holder of the composition license.

At RouteNote we are able to collect Micro-Sync Royalties on behalf of artists and labels for the music they own the composition rights to whenever music is used in YouTube videos. We use the Content ID system to detect uses of music within videos and then direct the Micro-Sync Royalties that we receive from YouTube to the correct users account when we distribute user payments.

If you feel you’re eligible for Content ID and own the rights to your composition then you can apply to collect Micro-Sync Royalties with YouTube using this form:

How to use royalty free music on YouTube

If you’re a creator looking to brighten up your videos with a soundtrack but don’t want to lose your monetisation then there is an abundance of royalty free music available for creators to use in their content. Royalty free music means that the rightsholders have offered up the use of the music to be used by others, often with monetisation rights.

Our friends at SynchedIn offer a huge library of royalty free music and sound effects that can be used in videos across the internet. You can search for the exact sound and atmosphere you’re looking to create by searching by genres, keywords, and exploring their vast library.

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 8th October 2021: Twelve huge new tracks to take you into the weekend, for any mood

It’s that time again! Friday means a whole array of brand new magic populating our four in-house playlists from RouteNote and some of the greatest artists using RouteNote.

Who could argue that Friday isn’t the best day of the week? It doesn’t only signal that the weekend is here but thanks to New Music Friday it means we’re treated to new tunes every week. As always, Friday also means that we’re updating our Hooked, Catalyst, Lo-Fi, and Tranquilize playlists with the greatest in new tunes coming through RouteNote.

We have a special selection from Ahrix, Axero, Florence Nevada, Mister Decaf, Lunar Isles, and more fantastic music makers this week. We have your playlist for the night sorted whether you’re looking to get up and dance the night away or settle down in the low lights – so come along and listen with us!

For your chance to feature in RouteNote’s playlists and our New Music posts here on the blog and our social media pages, simply upload your music to RouteNote and we’ll be in touch if we pick out your tracks.

Florence Nevada – Get Shaky

A big bass banger is exactly what we need to enter the night with on a Friday evening. Florence Nevada has given us exactly that with a tune of pure, ground-shaking goodness.

CPYRGHT, Dani King – Mixed Signals

You know what’s not giving me mixed signals? How huge a track this is. CPYRGHT never pulls punches when it comes to making an anthem that is just at home in the club as it is in the car on the way to the club – turned all the way up.

Glamii, Fyex, Daveepa – Stay (feat. Iziya)

Do 3 artists make a song 3 times as good? If this re-imagining of Justin Bieber’s Stay is anything to go by then hell yes!

Ahrix, Piram – Our Reason

Ahrix always provides the goods; the goods being a track that manages to be at the same time beautiful, melancholic, and heart-warmingly energetic. Yes we’ll happily say it: We love Ahrix!

Coolum – Across The Universe

There’s no um-ing about this track, it’s cool. Think spacey, large open sounds with a bone-rattling bass and you’ve got Across The Universe in mind.

Axero – Feels Good

Oh Axero, you’re so good to us. The Summer season may be in the rear view mirror by now but thanks to this gorgeous, happy track the sun is still shining where we’re sat.

sleebo – puddle

So you’re looking for some vibes, huh? Well here you go, sleebo has you covered. You may recognise the vocal sample from a certain fantastic film adaption by that little known producer… Stanley Kubrick. – Tetris Theme (lofi version)

You definitely know the iconic track this is based upon; it’s only from that small game called Tetris! You’ve never heard it like this before though, that’s for sure.

Mister Decaf, soave lofi – Blonde Vanilla Latte

This feels to me like sitting by a pool with a sweet and fruity cocktail as the crickets serenade me and the sun is slowly eclipsed by the horizon, painting the pool a brilliant orange. Where does it take you?

Eudlo – Galaxy

Looking for a smooth, relaxing track to take you into the night? Eudlo is offering a galaxy-sized soundscape with this stunner.

førever, Esydia – simple thoughts.

A gentle piano piece with all the relaxation of the very best that lo-fi hip-hop beats have to offer. This is perfect for chilling out to.

Lunar Isles – Anchorage

Dreamy, poppy, rocky, summer days on the beach feelings. This is the low-down relaxing guitar music we’ll be soothing ourselves with come Sunday evening.

How to move your music to RouteNote from another distributor (video)

If you’re looking to join RouteNote for free distribution to all of the greatest music streaming services and digital stores around the world and some of the best prices on Premium distribution, here’s how simple it is to join us from another distributor.

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 24th September 2021: twelve top new tracks from RouteNote artists

Here we have a cracking selection of exciting new releases for you to explore. They’re going straight across RouteNote’s four curated playlists this week.

Each week, RouteNote’s four curated playlists get refreshed with a batch of tasty new releases. We’re always excited to hear the new tracks uploaded to RouteNote before we send them out across the globe.

Our playlists show off some of the finest artists who release music through RouteNote. The four mixes are Hooked, which brings the party, Catalyst with a selection of house music from mellow to pumping, Lo-Fi for chilled hip-hop beats, and finally the easy listening vibes of Tranquilize.

Here’s a selection of twelve of songs that pricked up our ears and made it onto the RouteNote playlists this week.

NALYRO, Edward Snellen – Wolves

Kicking off our Hooked playlist this Selena Gomez cover is perfect for a workout. Get going on the treadmill with a dramatic booming bass drum hit. The delicate vocal is taken on a rollercoaster by the energising bass and atmospheric synth lines.

Swanky Tunes – Never Slow Down

Another great workout track to keep you motivated. “Never Slow Down” opens with gentle acoustic guitar before the steady beat kicks in. That melody will stick in your head, too.

Slydee – Activate My Love

Get pumped for the weekend with this huge high speed dance track from RouteNote’s Hooked playlist. The wild tempo is kept under control by echoing finger clicks and a catchy instrumental line.

JB Hain – moment

Drop it down several gears now and let JB Hain take you on a journey. From our Catalyst playlist, “moment” starts with gentle piano and graduates to glitchy verses, with thumping bass and muted piano slipping in and out.

Know You – Alone with You

Another glitchy treat for our Catalyst playlist. Retro video game sounds mix featuring a dreamy but unsettling vocal from Emily Davina.

NO-VA – Lend Me Your Heart

We’re closing up our Catalyst selections in style with “Lend Me Your Heart,” with an epic orchestral opening that folds into an emotional electronic extravaganza.

Sweet Oscar – A Swing Thing

Heading into the relaxing realms of our Lo-Fi playlist next. “A Swing Thing” skips along with a jazz lilt, a lovely accompaniment to pottering around the house.

golden era – Thats What I Want (lofi version)

The Lil Nas X track “THATS WHAT I WANT” is slowed way down by golden era and replaced with a lofi hip-hop vibe, keeping the catchy tune but repackaging it as an instrumental that’s perfect for helping you to study.

Cloudy Cat – Lofi Lullaby

A cheerful, cute instrumental from Cloudy Cat, “Lofi Lullaby” has chilled video game vibes, rounding off our Lo-Fi selections for this week.

Warmseat, Borrtex – Walking Alone

Finally we have three tracks from the relax-tastic Tranquilize playlist. Taken from the Feuilles EP, this is a perfect track to stroll around to as the air turns autumnal.

Dreamy Kid – cold air

Gorgeous guitar and a gentle beat make “cold air” a great song to wind down to at the end of a frantic day.

Seyu – Dancer

The final RouteNote track we’re shining a light on this week is “Dancer,” with soulful vocals from Seyu that lie in beautiful layers over the menacing beat.

Want to see your music featured on our playlists? Sign up with RouteNote today to get your tracks online for free.

RouteNote partners with FLO to take artists further in South Korea

South Korea loves music and now even more listeners can fall in love with your tracks with Free and Premium distribution to FLO.

FLO is one of South Korea’s biggest music streaming apps offering listeners charts of the biggest music each day, helping to get artists trending and introduce them to new fans. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with FLO offering artists around the globe free music uploads to one of South Korea’s biggest hubs for music as well as great prices on Premium music distribution.

With FLO every listener’s taste matters as each subscriber is presented with a personally curated selection of tracks tuned to what they know they like. With intelligent music recommendations FLO is the perfect platform for artists to get discovered by brand new listeners who know they’re going to find music they love.

With daily chart updates and new recommendations, users on FLO are discovering new music every day and with RouteNote you have the potential to become a brand new favourite with South Korean music lovers.

Artists everywhere can distribute their music to the biggest music platforms in South Korea with RouteNote, including MelOn and YG Entertainment‘s VIBE. With over 8.5 million listeners in South Korea on digital music services, artists everywhere have the potential to find a new home.

Take your music even further to the biggest worldwide music services including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TIDAL, YouTube Music, and many more on RouteNote.

Can I earn money from Spotify?

The answer is yes, and you can do so by distributing through RouteNote.

If you’re an independent musician, underground, or even established then you can generate royalties from your music, which means you will make money from your music. Thanks to the internet and services such as ours at RouteNote, you can distribute your music to a variety of platforms. Meaning that yes, you can earn money from Spotify, and you can do this for FREE with RouteNote

So how does RouteNote help artists make money? 

It’s extremely simple, you sign up for an account with RouteNote, which is free. You then upload your track, select where you want it distributed too, in this case, Spotify, upload the artwork, and then wait for approval from our friendly moderation teams. Once this receives approval it will then be distributed to your selected platforms. At RouteNote, we ensure that we put the artist first, so you keep all your rights to your art, at no point does RouteNote own your music. 

As an artist or label, all you need to do once you’ve been approved is sit back and wait for the royalties to trickle in. You will get to keep 85% of your royalties and there are no hidden fees or extra costs. Once you generate over $50 worth of royalties you will be able to cash out and reap the rewards of your creativity. 

Does RouteNote have a premium tier? 

Yes, it does! RouteNote also has a premium tier which requires a small one-time fee and an annual fee of $9.99. This allows you to keep 100% (yes you’re reading that right) of your royalties. Again, you will continue to own all your music and retain all your licensing and rights. 

Be sure to check out our service today and sign up to have your music heard across the globe and earn money during the process. We look forward to having you join our ever-growing roster of successful artists and labels.