RouteNote land on the FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

Image Credit: Financial Times

RouteNote achieve a position in the top 400 of the Financial Times’ list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

RouteNote are proud to announce that we landed at position 373 on this year’s sixth annual FT 1000. This achievement would not have been possible without all of the amazing artists that have sent their music to us, whether you signed up yesterday or ten years ago. Thank you for helping us continue to provide excellent tools and free distribution to hundreds of thousands of independent artists and labels around the world, just like you.

The ranking, compiled with Statista, a research company, lists the European companies that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2017 and 2020.

Maxine Kelly, Financial Times

Head here for the full list, numbers and methodology.

RouteNote launch the Song Analysis tool – quickly find the BPM, key and mood of any song

All RouteNote users can now find the Danceability, Acousticness, Energy, key, time signature, BPM and more, of any Spotify track.

Easily find the details of any Spotify tracks using RouteNote’s new Song Analysis tool. Curious of how the tool labels your favourite songs? Artists can find the BPM of the track they’re covering, gain inspiration with the details behind their favourite artist’s song or find suitable artists to collaborate with. Producers can find the key of the track they’re sampling or remixing. Playlist curators can find songs that perfectly fit the mood. The possibilities are endless.

Login or create a free RouteNote account, head to the Artist Services tab and click Song Analysis. Type any track title or artist in the box, then click the artwork to discover the details. The tool will list the track length, key, time signature, BPM, loudness, as well as the Danceability, Instrumentalness, Speechiness, Valence, Acousticness, Energy and Liveness. This data is pulled from Spotify’s AI and won’t always be 100% accurate, so be sure to give the track a listen yourself to be sure.

Yet to sign up to RouteNote and discover all of the powerful tool for independent artists and labels, such as free distribution to Spotify and all other major stores? Click here to register for free.

How to submit to RouteNote’s in-house playlists for free

We’ve just launched a submission form for all of our playlists. Now anyone can pitch their music to RouteNote’s curators.

Over the past year at RouteNote, we’ve launched and grown our in-house playlists, showcasing some of the incredible talent that gets uploaded every week to all major stores, streaming services and social media platforms.

Our playlists Hooked, Catalyst, Lo-Fi, Tranquilize, Pure Filth, and Overdrive cover a wide range of genres such as electronic dance music, chilled lo-fi, heavy bass, rock, metal, punk, and everything in between. These playlists have proved a great way for independent artists and labels to promote their music to a global audience. All playlists are available for streaming on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Anghami, TIDAL, Claro Música, Qobuz, KKBOX and now Apple Music.

Pitch your music to our playlists here

If you distribute through RouteNote (Free or Premium) and your release has been approved, you can now pitch your own music to our in-house curators. The submission form can be accessed through a Content Unlock from our friends over at Simply head here and follow the steps to follow our playlists on Spotify and submit for free. Once they’ve been saved to your Spotify library, have a listen, get a taste of the sort of music we add to our playlists and find a suitable playlist you think your latest song would fit best in.

You’ll need a few details for the submission form, including your email address, RouteNote username, UPC/ISRC, release date, primary genre, secondary genre, social media links and a little about why your song would be a great addition. Our team listen to every submission and will be in touch if your track is added. Once added, be sure to share the good news with your fans on social media.

RouteNote introduce Timed Releases: Set the exact time your music goes live around the world

All RouteNote users can now control the time their music goes live, letting you get the most out of promoting your next release.

Free music distribution service RouteNote now lets all independent artists and labels set the time their music goes live around the world. Previously, artists were able to choose a sales start date, which would publish their release on stores at midnight in every country’s local timezone. Now you can also pick a time and timezone for your release to go live.

Alongside the new time and timezone options, RouteNote users will find two buttons when setting a sales start date: “Go Live at local time” and “Go Live at”. “Go Live at local time” will set the release to go live in each region once they reach the time set. “Go Live at” will set the release to go live everywhere at the time and timezone selected.

RouteNote's new Timed Releases option

This is a great tool for those wanted to synchronize their marketing strategy to one global time. A time can be added at any stage, whether you’re creating a release, editing it in user action or updating it. RouteNote have 40 timezones to choose from, that are separated by 1 hour, 30 minutes and 45 minutes. Timed Releases are currently supported by the following partners, with more coming soon:

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Tidal
  • Amazon
  • TikTok
  • Nuuday
  • Netease
  • Facebook
  • Kuack
  • Tencent
  • FLO
  • Pandora

How to add a release time in RouteNote

  1. Login to RouteNote and Create New Release
  2. Fill out all of the necessary details, then head to Edit Album Details
  3. Select a sales start date, then click the new Add Time button
  4. Add any time by clicking the clock or typing in the time
  5. Choose the primary timezone for the release, then choose either Go Live at … local time or Go Live at …
  6. Once you’ve finalised all of the album details, click Save and Continue

If you’re having any issue with the new feature or anything else RouteNote, get in touch with our support team here.

With RouteNote, you can get your music on all of the top stores, streaming services and social media platforms for free.

RouteNote artist ZOOTAH featured on the cover of Twitch playlist

Image Credit: Twitch

Congratulations to RouteNote artist ZOOTAH, picked to feature on the cover of the HypePls playlist on Twitch!

Not only has ZOOTAH track “Finish Line” just been chosen for the HypePls playlist on Twitch, but the EDM artist features right there on the front cover.

Austrian duo ZOOTAH are signed to the Bass House Music label, distributing tracks through RouteNote. The pace-rising EDM of “Finish Line” is perfect for the HypePls playlist, as part of Twitch’s Soundtrack programme.

Soundtrack lets Twitch streamers use licensed music within their live streams without fear of takedown notices. Anyone who streams on Twitch can use music from the playlists.

HypePls is a playlist featuring high-tempo electronic music guaranteed to get both streamers and viewers pumped, so ZOOTAH’s tracks are right at home in the mix.

You can check out the HypePls playlist here, and find more tracks from ZOOTAH on streaming platforms like Spotify.

Have you just finished EDM an track you want the world to hear, but not sure how to get it out there? RouteNote distributes music for free to all the major streaming services and platforms, as well as offering social media monetization and protecting music rights on YouTube.

Find out how it works here, and check out our Premium tier.

All six of RouteNote’s playlists launch on Qobuz

Hooked, Catalyst, Lo-Fi, Tranquilize, Pure Filth and Overdrive launch on Qobuz, joining Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Anghami and more.

RouteNote’s playlists land on Qobuz, bringing hours of music, across a range of music genres, to the hi-res music streaming service. Our playlists highlight some of the best music sent to us everyday for distribution worldwide to all major stores, streaming services and social media platforms. With playlists such as Hooked covering motivational high tempo dance music; Catalyst full of dance, house and chill house music; Lo-Fi for chilled hip-hop beats; Tranquilize with easy listening music, Pure Filth perfect for bass, dubstep and trap lovers; and our newest addition Overdrive providing underground heavy rock, metal and punk music, our playlists cover the full spectrum of electronic music. All six playlists are updated with fresh hand-picked tunes every Friday. Find our playlists on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Anghami, TIDAL, Claro Música and now Qobuz using the links above.

Qobuz provide subscribers over 70 million songs in lossless CD quality and 240,000 hi-res albums, up to 24-bit, 192 kHz. With free FLAC uploads, RouteNote can help you upload your CD-quality music to high quality music services like Qobuz, Spotify (HiFi coming soon), Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL and more. Our moderation team listens to every track sent in. If we like what we hear, we’ll get in touch for inclusion on one of our playlists.

Click here to sign up and get started on RouteNote.

RouteNote partners with KKBOX for worldwide, free music distribution

We’re thrilled to welcome KKBOX to the RouteNote family, allowing artists worldwide free distribution to one of Asia’s top music streaming services.

Over 10 million listeners use KKBOX across East and Southeast Asia to hear their favourite music from around the world and discover brand new artists. KKBOX have been streaming since 2005 to provide the best tunes to keen listeners, bringing music to the masses since before even Spotify started streaming.

With both free and paid offerings, KKBOX appeals to listeners of all sensibilities across Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Free listeners can stream music to their heart’s content with no barrier of cost as adverts fund the artists, whilst the more keen music lovers can pay for an ad-free experience with high definition music and offline downloads.

How artists can get their music on KKBOX

We’re excited to offer free distribution to all artists wherever they are in the world to KKBOX, allowing them to reach over 10 million new music lovers. With KKBOX’s discovery and recommendation features there’s a brand new route to reach the audiences most likely to fall in love with your music.

Any existing releases you’ve uploaded through RouteNote will be added to KKBOX automatically. For new releases, you’ll now see KKBOX in your Manage Stores section and can select it on any of your releases for distribution.

If you’d like to opt-out of automatic distribution to KKBOX for your past releases then please get in touch with us at

RouteNote win Tech Company of the Year (over £5m) at Tech South West Awards

We were thrilled to be shortlisted and then win this award which cements the hard work and dedication of our colourful, driven team.

At RouteNote, our large and diverse team have something in common: A passionate love for creativity and a dedication to empowering those in the industry they know so well. It is a privilege to have received the award for Tech Company of the Year (over £5 million revenues) at the Tech South West Awards 2021.

It is a proof of how hard every single person at RouteNote works to provide a stellar service that empowers artists and creatives of all sizes. Our mission to level the playing field in music is realised every single day by the 500,000+ artists we work with, using RouteNote to reach listeners in every corner of the globe.

We’re reminded of how our hard work pays off every day when we get to see your music sent off to the top music platforms in the world and build streams and fanbases around the world. That said, this award is also a very nice reminder that we’re building something special together!

A huge congratulations to everyone in the RouteNote team, and a massive thank you to every single user who has signed up to RouteNote and allows us to power the world’s headphones with the pleasure of your music. – An audio sample subscription service for beat makers and producers

High quality audio samples at an affordable price aren’t just a dream with the launch of Mixxed, a new service for loops and samples.

We’re proud to present our brand new platform for you: the music creators, makers, producers, and shakers all around the world. Mixxed brings affordable, high quality, and irresistible audio samples to creators of all shapes and sizes on any budget.

We have launched Mixxed with a mission that aligns with RouteNote’s; bringing freedom to music creators everywhere. As music software has become better, more powerful, and most importantly more available, creators have blossomed around the world creating a world in which all creatives can make music and share it with the world.

Where RouteNote allows artists to get their music out onto the biggest music services around the world for free, Mixxed heads to the creative process to bring artists, producers, and beat makers of all sizes the resources they need to create incredible music from scratch at a price that’s realistic for up-and-comers and professionals alike.

Based on a belief that every artist should have the same opportunities to make music, Mixxed puts high quality audio samples from a variety of fantastic artists and creators in the hands of anyone who wants them. With a range of subscriptions on offer, you can pick the price that suits you the best.

What is Mixxed?

Mixxed is a platform for producers and music creators who want an affordable solution to high quality audio packs and unique samples. Mixxed works on a monthly subscription with a choice of tiers for creators to choose from, allowing them to decide on the best option for their budget and musical needs.

Sample packs are uploaded from a wide range of creators offering an expanse of genres and sound-types to cater to all tastes. With the option to purchase full sample packs or simply purchase the single sound that they want, Mixxed gives creators full control over the content they need to fuel their creative inspiration and power their music.

The samples and loops purchased and used by Mixxed users are then fully licensed and cleared for commercial use whether distributing their tracks to digital platforms or releasing them on CD or vinyl.

Mixxed is also a fantastic platform for creators and sound designers who are looking to share their audio with the world. Contributors are paid monthly for every purchase of their content and can upload unlimited sample packs to the platform for discovery by users. With an intuitive tagging system for packs and each individual sound, users can discover contributors’ content with ease, discovering the exact content they’re seeking.

How does Mixxed work?

Mixxed works on a subscription basis for users who are looking to download samples and packs of sounds. There are a selection of tiers to choose from which allow users to decide exactly how much they want to pay based on their needs and budget.

Each subscription gives the user an amount of credits to spend each month on audio packs and individual one-shots. Every month new credits will be added to accounts, allowing users to build their credits each month and build up to buying bigger packs and premium sounds.

  • Hobbyist: 100 credits per month – $2.99
  • Bedroom Producer: 300 credits per month – $5.99
  • Professional: 600 credits per month – $9.99
  • Boss: 2000 credits per month – $14.99

Every pack and sample bought is yours to keep forever and use in any way you like within your tracks. Even when you cancel your subscription, the sounds that you have purchased continue to be yours after cancellation.

How can I contribute samples to Mixxed?

You can release your own sounds, one-shots, loops, and more to make them available for purchase and use by Mixxed subscribers. Mixxed offers the ability for creators everywhere to share their sounds with the world and empower beat makers with the tools they need to line their masterpieces with gold.

As a contributor you can upload your packs of sounds to Mixxed with an intuitive tagging tool, allowing you to specify exactly the genres, themes, and feelings you’re offering. This enables contributors to immediately reach the right audiences and drive more downloads from users.

Music makers can create and upload unlimited sample packs to Mixxed allowing contributors creativity to blossom as far as they can imagine it. With your own Contributor Page, users can find all of your packs in one place. Add your social media pages and website to convert budding creators into loyal fans and grow your music following beyond the audio you have on offer through Mixxed.

To get involved as a contributor, use our contact form and select the ‘Become a Contributor’ section:

Get more from Mixxed

With the referral program you can get even more from your Mixxed subscriptions. Tell a friend about Mixxed and get them to sign up using your referral code. The referee will receive 10% off of their monthly subscriptions when they sign up using the code. The referrer also gains with 10% of the referee’s subscription costs taken off of their own for the life of their subscription.

Head to and start your sampling journey on your own terms today.

RouteNote’s next playlist ‘Overdrive’ is perfect for heavy rock, metal and punk artists and fans

Overdrive is the home of kickass underground hard rock, metal and punk tunes for your workout or mosh pit, now on Spotify, Deezer and more.

Today, RouteNote launch their brand new playlist on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Anghami, TIDAL and Claro Música. Turn up the volume, Overdrive is full of only the best hand-picked heavy rock, metal and punk songs from RouteNote artists. This playlist marks RouteNote’s sixth official playlist, joining favourites Catalyst, Hooked, Lo-Fi, Tranquilize and Pure Filth. Find the playlists on all stores via the links. All of our playlists are now available on Claro Música too.

RouteNote’s playlists are updated weekly with some of most talented artists that distribute through RouteNote, so be sure to add your favourites to your library and come back every week for new music. Our moderation team listen to every track that’s sent in for distribution through RouteNote. To be in with a chance of featuring one of our popular playlists, keep producing great music and sending it to RouteNote for free distribution on all major stores, streaming services and social media platforms.



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