Apple have added a ‘New Artist of the Week’ feature to put the spotlight on rising talents and help you discover new music.

Ahead of Apple’s reboot of their music streaming service they’ve introduced a new feature that promotes an up-and-coming artist every week. The first artist featured is the British alternative pop artist Laurel, with her new single ‘San Francisco’ highlighted.

Every friday a new artist will be selected to appear on the front page. Apple say: “Each week, our editors handpick one emerging act as our New Artist of the Week. Underground MCs and cutting edge producers on the rise. Pop prodigies en route to chart domination. The next generation of indie heroes. Lavishly gifted singer/songwriters. No stone or scene will be left unturned.”

This new feature works great for all involved as it helps rising artists get exposure, introduces listeners to music and gives Apple Music more appeal in the competitive industry of music streaming. With Apple’s big update coming soon a few new features will be added, like lyrics on songs, but they haven’t revealed whether any more music features will be added.