RouteNote’s next playlist ‘Overdrive’ is perfect for heavy rock, metal and punk artists and fans

Overdrive is the home of kickass underground hard rock, metal and punk tunes for your workout or mosh pit, now on Spotify, Deezer and more.

Upload unlimited artists for free with RouteNote

Artists and labels on RouteNote can distribute as many songs from as many artists as they like to stores and streaming service for free.

How many artist can I upload with RouteNote Free?

Good news for all RouteNote artists and labels! Any user can upload as many artists or songs as they like, no matter what tier they’re on.

How many songs can I upload with a free RouteNote account?

As many as you like! Free RouteNote accounts can upload an unlimited number of artists and songs, free of charge.

Which service offers the best music distribution deal?

RouteNote offer all artists and labels powerful tools to help them upload their music and monetize across stores and streaming services.

Labels on RouteNote can upload unlimited songs and artists for free

Free RouteNote distribution lets you add as many artists as you want to your account, and release endless music from multiple artists, free forever.

RouteNote’s playlists are now available on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Anghami and TIDAL

Get your ears ready! All of RouteNote’s in-house playlists are now on Amazon Music, Anghami and TIDAL, as well as Spotify and Deezer.

Best distribution companies 2021

At RouteNote we provide all of the tools independent artists and labels need to distribute, earn money from and analyse their music online.

RouteNote vs. ONErpm – music distribution platforms compared

Offering artists 85% of the revenue for free distribution, on the surface ONErpm seem to be comparable to RouteNote. Let’s look closer.

What stores are missing from UnitedMasters?

Music distribution platform UnitedMasters only distribute to four streaming services for free, but even their paid tier is limited.