Use Content Unlocks for downloadable music, eBooks, photos, videos and more

Content Unlocks from gives artists a free and easy way to reward fans for social actions. This could be a free MP3 download in exchange for a Subscribe on YouTube.

Our partner site provides artists and creators with three helpful marketing tools: Fan Links, Pre-saves and Content Unlocks. All tools are free of charge, allow full customization and provide in-depth statistics.

With Content Unlocks you can reward fans with a downloadable file such as an MP3, PDF, image, video, ZIP, etc. or a secret message such as a coupon code, exclusive information, etc.

Enter a title, description, custom URL and feature image to make the landing page stand out. Set the social actions required to access the file or message. There are social actions available from Apple Music, Deezer, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube. Actions vary between social/streaming platforms, with options such as playing a song, saving/pre-saving a track to your library, sharing a post, Tweeting, Retweeting, following, subscribing or connecting on Facebook. Once you’ve set your desired social actions and ordered them as you wish, you can set a minimum requirement or specific social actions to access the file. For example you must complete at least two actions and one must be Follow on Spotify. Content Unlocks 2

For more, find our step-by-step guide here.

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