Imagine this:  You have thousands of amazing mixes, dubs, remixes that you can’t release because of copyright issues. Sounds horrible right? That’s the position Dubset Media Holdings were in until Apple Music stepped in to save the day.

Apple Music are to be the first to stream thousands of previously unlicensed tracks in a giant deal with Dubset. Using new technology named MixBank Dubset can analyze DJ mix and remix files to identify any recordings used in the track so the necessary copyright holder can be paid.

Dubset’s CEO  Stephen White said to Billboard that a typical mix will contain 25 – 30 songs that will require payment to labels and rights holders, and up to ten publishers on a track. The company so far have made agreements with more than 14,000 labels and publishers for licensing, all of which they do in-house. MixBank uses Gracenote’s database, where White used to work, to compare and find tracks.

Famous DJ Tiesto spoke on the new deal, saying: “This is a huge step forward for DJs and dance music culture. Delivering remix content to Apple Music through Dubset is an amazing development. Dance music fans are the biggest winners here because they will now have access to great remixes on the same platform that they listen to our original tracks.”

Rights holders will have an unmatched level of control over their agreements with Dubset, allowing them to blacklist certain artists, albums, and tracks, they can limit the length of samples used and can control territories where there music is made available. This is a major development for EDM where licensing issues have always been the primary reason from stopping music getting out there.

The new content will be available from today on Apple Music and gives them a unique upper hand in the streaming “war”. Any DJ’s and remixers looking to get their music featuring copyrighted material on Apple Music can head to for more information.