How do you release your compositions on Apple Music Classical, Apple’s online classical music streaming app? It’s easy to distribute music for free there through RouteNote.

As the name suggests, Apple Music Classical is a music app that only features classical music. It is designed to incorporate the genre’s complicated data like multiple artists and detailed titles, as well as help listeners discover new works easily. If you’re a classical music composer releasing music online, you need to get your compositions on the new Apple Music Classical app.

The good news is its very easy to release your orchestral recordings on Apple Music Classical using RouteNote. Simply select Apple Music on upload to our distribution platform and if your music falls into the classical genre your release will be added to the Apple Music Classical app on your release date.

Already have classical music released on Apple Music? You don’t have to do anything to get your music on the new classical app. If you’re an existing RouteNote user who releases classical music, your recordings will automatically release on Apple Music Classical.

How to release music on Apple Music Classical

Sign up for a free RouteNote account.

Click Distribution then Create New Release.

Fill out your metadata, upload the audio, and choose your artwork. For a detailed guide on what metadata to include, see here:

Next, select the stores and territories for release. To put your music on Apple Music Classical, tick iTunes & Apple Music. This will ensure your music is added to Apple Music Classical, as well as Apple Music and iTunes.

RouteNote has two distribution models, Free or Premium. You can choose either model on a release-by-release basis. Whichever option you go for, you always keep all the rights to your releases, and you’re never locked in.

Free distribution is as described – totally free, with no hidden costs. You keep 85% of revenue when your music generates royalties. Premium meanwhile has an upfront cost and recurring annual fee, but you keep 100% of royalties.

Both models have exactly the same features and perks, no matter how much music you release or stores you upload to.

Put your own recordings on Apple Music Classical here for free, quickly and easily, and let the world hear your music!

Woman playing classical violin.