Apple Music On Android Now Saves Tracks To SD Cards

Now you can save more music to your Android phone as Apple Music’s Android app is updated to allow SD card storage.

Apple released an app on Android for their music streaming service Apple Music last November. They’ve now released a massive improvement allowing subscribers to save their music to listen to offline onto their SD card.

This is important because unlike iPhone’s, which don’t feature external memory only the memory it comes with, a lot of Android devices have less internal storage but allow you to add external SD cards for extra memory. This meant that a lot of users may have had a large SD card but could only save a certain amount of music due to smaller internal memory.

This isn’t just a great update for Android users but is also a bold move for Apple showing solidarity with users of their competitor OS in the smartphone industry. I suppose the fact that they’re subscribed to their music streaming service is enough to soften Apple up a little.

The update also brings a schedule listing for Apple Music’s 24-7 online radio station Beats 1. Additionally you can now also browse music by composers and compilations which will greatly improve finding classical music or sourcing a soundtrack.

Apple Music on Android is still tagged as a beta and is missing some features that users are waiting for, like chromecast support. When Apple will bring Apple Music out of beta for Android isn’t know but be sure to find it here when they do.

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