The rise and fall of the iPod (video)

How the iPod came to be in 2001, how it shaped Apple and how the iPhone would eventually (almost) kill off the iPod.

Is Mac Studio the best Mac for the studio?

Apple just announced the Mac Studio, M1 Ultra and Studio Display among other new products at their Peek Performance event.

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Since the launch of their music streaming service in 2015, Apple have focused heavily on Apple Music over the iTunes Store.

Apple dumps several Beats headphones models

Apple has just discontinued the Powerbeats, Beasts Solo Pro and Beats EP headphones.

Beats Fit Pro combine the best bits of AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro for under $200

The new Beats Fit Pro from Apple’s audio brand may be the best exercise true wireless noise cancelling earbuds for Apple and Android phones.

Spotify claim to be “the #1 podcast platform U.S. listeners use the most”

Alongside impressive user and subcriber growth, Spotify’s Q3 2021 results shared an interesting podcast stat.

AirPods 3 review: new shape, new fit (Video)

The Verge run down the new features and design of the 3rd generation AirPods from Apple announced last week.