New Music Daily will replace Apple Music’s Best of the Week playlist for a fresh set of the latest tunes every single day.

Last week Apple Music launched an all new playlist to keep listeners up on all of the freshest releases. Their ‘New Music Daily’ playlist will feature more than 60 highlighted tracks that have just come out and will refresh with new picks each day to stay as current as possible.

Apple Music’s editors will select a top pick each day that will be featured right at the top of the playlist. The artist they select will also be made the cover star for the day until the New Music Daily playlist is updated the next day.

It replaces their weekly playlist ‘Best of the Week’, which highlighted the best new music every Friday. Now Apple Music subscribers can come back every single day for a fresh line-up of the latest tracks to stay on top of all the music coming out.

In a statement, Apple Music said: “The cadence of music delivery has changed and now with streaming, artists can drop new tracks for fans whenever they feel like it – and they do. Which means we are always hard at work programming all of our playlists with new music, and the New Music Daily playlist provides the ultimate opportunity for fans to discover new music in real time.”