Top 10 streaming services with the most tracks in 2022

Want to subscribe to a platform with the most songs? Which streaming services have the most number of tracks?

Since we last took a look, almost all of the streaming services below have updated their catalogue size available to users and subscribers.

It just so happens we distribute to all of the top 10 (and many more) music streaming service. Click the streaming service below to learn how to upload your music there for free.

This data is from the streaming services themselves. Most streaming services below highlight and keep the number of tracks available on their homepage updated, except YouTube Music. Luckily, the Google-owned music streaming service published an article in August last year with the latest number. Click the amount of any service to see the source.

1. SoundCloud

Image Credit: Soundcloud

250 million+ tracks

2. Apple Music

Apple Music
Image Credit: Apple

90 million+ tracks


Image Credit: TIDAL

80 million+ tracks

4. YouTube Music

YouTube Music
Image Credit: YouTube

80 million+ tracks (2021)

5. Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music
Image Credit: Amazon

75 million tracks

6. Deezer

Image Credit: Deezer

73 million+ tracks

7. Spotify

Image Credit: Spotify

70 million+ tracks

8. Qobuz

Image Credit: Qobuz

70 million+ tracks


Image Credit: KKBOX

70 million+ tracks

10. Napster

Image Credit: Napster

60 million+ tracks

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