Want to subscribe to a platform with the most songs? Which streaming services have the most number of tracks as of July 2022?

Since we last took a look, there have been some massive increases on some stores. TIDAL for instance bumped their numbers from 80 to 90 million. YouTube Music jumped from eighth place to third after reporting 100 million tracks in a recent blog post. The largest jump came from Napster of all streaming services, who reported 60 million tracks back in April, which sat them in tenth place, but now advertise 110 million tracks on their homepage! This puts Napster second only to SoundCloud.

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This data is from the streaming services themselves. Most streaming services below highlight and keep the number of tracks available on their homepage updated. Click the amount of any service to see the source.

1. SoundCloud

Image Credit: Soundcloud

250 million+ tracks

2. Napster

Image Credit: Napster

110 million+ tracks

3. YouTube Music

YouTube Music
Image Credit: YouTube

100 million tracks (2022)

4. Apple Music

Apple Music
Image Credit: Apple

90 million+ tracks

5. Deezer

Image Credit: Deezer

90 million+ tracks


Image Credit: KKBOX

90 million+ tracks


Image Credit: TIDAL

90 million+ tracks

8. Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music
Image Credit: Amazon

90 million tracks

9. Spotify

Image Credit: Spotify

82 million+ tracks

10. Qobuz

Image Credit: Qobuz

80 million+ tracks