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RouteNote is one of the worlds largest digital music distributors and we are helping hundreds of thousands of artists from all over the world to get their music into the worlds largest online stores and streaming services.

Dance music is one of our strongest genres and we are helping those artists to not just get their music into stores and streaming services, but to also get promotion and playlist placements within those services.

Dance and Electronic music is expected to grow over the next few years in popularity and RouteNote wants to be at the forefront of helping artists working in those genres to get the popularity they deserve.

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Pacific Amazing Beats to License at Affordable Prices – Lany x Khalid Type Beat. (Used by Fortnite’s Bugha!)

Pacific is a producer on the rise. Pacific has been getting amazing sync placements of late from the likes of Bugha (fortnite world champion who won $3 million prize money).

Here is the latest Pacific beat and its called Thoughts. Its a Lany x Khalid Type Beat.

Pacific allows other artists to license his beats and then use those beats in other official tracks. Expect to hear a lot more of Pacific over the coming years!

Fender Squier Mini Strat for just £123!

Do your kids fancy learning guitar but when you ask they say “I want a Fender!”, well here’s your answer. For just £123 you can grab this 3/4 size Squier Stratocaster and that’s Christmas sorted!

Fender Squire Mini Strat (v2), Rosewood

This beautiful rosewood mini strat is perfect for any children beginning to learn the guitar. With a shortened neck and smaller body, it gives ease of access and playability to youth players. Not only does it feel good to play, but it also sounds nice with three classic single-coil pickups and a smooth 20 fret neck along with a 5-way tone switcher.

The really incredible thing here is the price – Fender is one of the best names in the field and its Squier brand guitars are the perfect gateway in for people who may not want to spend the big money just yet. This guitar is in every way, a bargain and I would totally consider lapping it up!

How Do You get Your Music on Spotify?

RouteNote is one of the fastest ways to get your music available on Spotify.

RouteNote allows artists to upload to our platform, select which stores they would like their music to go to and then you’re done.

RouteNote has a Free model (no money upfront and keep 85%) and a Premium model (small fee upfront and keep 100%) and artists and labels can move freely between the two.

Signup now for a Free RouteNote account and start uploading your music to the world today!

Best Live Streaming for Background Lofi Beats for Relaxing, Studying or Working

Chillhop music has been running some of the best relaxing music live streams for many years. Here is one of their best live streams for anyone who is looking for music to play in the background while they are relaxing, studying or working.

Hipgnosis Raises Another £231 million to Buy More Music Rights – Investors Seem Hungry

Hipgnosis is a company we have been watching closely over the years as they are trying to get investors interested again in acquiring music assets as an investment class.

Hipgnosis has just announced that they have raised another £231 million from Nplus1 Singer Advisory LLP and J.P. Morgan Securities plc (which conducts its UK investment banking activities as J.P. Morgan Cazenove) in a C Shares offering.

It’s very interesting to see that these types of investment options are continuing to gain traction. It will be interesting to see if it remains the case over the longterm.

Facebook and Instagram Music Service Expands to the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Romania and Slovakia

Facebook has just announced that their music service will be expanding to seven new countries – the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Romania and Slovakia.

This expansion will begin today and Facebook and Instagram users will now be able to see your music within those territories.

Music is now available on Facebook-owned products in over 30 countries across EMEA.

RouteNote artists that have selected Facebook for distribution, their music will now be available automatically in all their new territories.

Calm App Music Heavily into Signing Music Licenses for Sleep and Meditation Music and Hires UMG Veteran

Calm – the sleep and meditation app – has just hired its first Head of Music (Courtney Phillips).

Calm currently has 60 million downloads to date and 2m paying subscribers. Additionally, Calm Music has had over 134 million streams to date through the platform.

Calm is an app that supposedly already has a valuation over $1 billion, but its going to be very interesting to see how they can really drive adoption and subscribers and looks like signing music partnerships is going to be a great way to do that!