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Apple Music Classical is a standalone app designed specifically for streaming classical music, and if you’re an Apple Music user you can download Apple Music Classical for free!

Apple Music Classical has officially launched! You can now listen to online classical music easily on a brand-new app from Apple.

Will you need a separate Apple Music streaming subscription to download Apple’s classical music app? No, because Apple Music Classical is included in Apple Music subscription for no extra charge.

Apple claims the long-awaited app contains the world’s largest classical music catalogue. It’s advertised as the ultimate way to stream classical music in high quality, with a better organised search engine, accurate metadata, more playlists, in-depth composer biographies, and exclusive albums.

The classical music app has been on the cards since Apple bought Primephonic back in 2021. The launch is welcome news for fans who have found the user experience of listening to classical music on existing apps a mess, and good standalone streaming classical music services hard to find online.

It’s also good for classical musicians, record labels and so on, with better cataloguing showing exactly where the works originated.

How to download Apple Music Classical app

Apple Music Classical is available for Individual, Family, Apple One, or Student Apple Music subscribers worldwide. It is not available for Apple Music Voice Plan subscribers.

The app can be downloaded on the App Store here only for iPhone models with iOS 15.4 or later.

Apple Music Classical features

The new Apple Music Classical app is aimed at pleasing well-informed classical music fans and classical musicians, as well as educating those new to the genre.

In-app there are navigation buttons for Listen Now, Browse, Library and Search. Apple Music Classical doesn’t currently show a Radio Station tab, and the font is different to Apple Music – New York instead of SF Pro, if you’re interested.

The Now Playing screen is all-white rather than black on Apple Music, and has an information button instead of lyric option, showing in-depth descriptions of the work.

  • 5 million tracks
  • Thousands of exclusive albums
  • Users can search by catalogue number, work, composer, conductor to find specific recordings, without being overwhelmed
  • Accurate metadata
  • Composer biographies and descriptions of significant classical works, to learn facts about the history of classical music
  • Up to 192 kHz/24 bit Hi-Res Lossless audio quality
  • Spatial audio listening with Dolby Atmos for thousands of recordings
  • AirPlay compatible

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