RouteNote’s New Music Releases 16th July 2021: Nine belting tracks to listen to today

Start your Friday right with nine new tracks from some of RouteNote’s hottest artists.

We’re back again with another brilliant selection of music released via RouteNote (for free) for you to get your ears around. Expect party anthems to anthemic, slow-burning indie tracks, and plenty of lofi beats.

The following tracks have been added to RouteNote’s exciting new Spotify playlists: Hooked with high tempo, motivational dance music, Catalyst specializing in dance and chill house, and Lo-Fi our chilled hip-hop relaxation playlist.

Mark Klaver – Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

Emotive, soft, and wonderfully infectious sums up the latest single from Mark Klaver. His vocals soar above a sultry guitar line, making it an arms wide open experience.

Metrøx – Missing You

Metrøx comes bursting through with her latest single ‘Missing You’, a sickly sweet pop tune that is elevated by stunning vocals.

Amudo – Hanagasumi

This oriental-themed lofi soundscape is alluring and filled to the brim with chilled vibes, creating an aura of serenity around the listener. A very enjoyable track that can be enjoyed with a warm brew in the winter or with an ice-cold drink in the summer.

Sxul – As I Approached

The lead track from the new ‘Rearrange’ EP is a wonderful slice of lofi goodness that instantly feels good. A great track to close your eyes and get lost in.

golden era – Wasting Time (lofi version)

A calm track that is terminally chill. You cannot help but drift away to the lofi beats that golden era creates, ‘Wasting Time’ is just one brilliant example.

REZarin – Like 2 Go

Arguably the perfect party anthem, heavy house beats roll through whilst uplifting vocals breeze through the track, you cannot ask for much more.

Kusko & Future Friends – My Way

This thumping house track will have your mind cretaing imagary of Ibiza, the perfect summer party anthem.

Sander W – Not Going Anywhere

Calm, focused beats dance eloquently with soft vocals, creating a real atmospheric and stunning soundscape.

Uplink – How You Like That

This dance track builds slowly and erupts into an epic barrage of electro that will have you dancing and jumping around the room.

To get featured in our next ‘New Music Releases’ post, be sure to distribute your music through RouteNote. It’s free and super easy to do.

The best home recording studios

r/MusicBattlestations is a treasure trove of amazing musician and producer set ups, here are our favourites.

There’s something about being a music fan that makes you want to see a musician’s set-up, whether that be a home studio or even a record collection. Thankfully on Reddit, there is a wide variety of subreddits to follow that boasts a diverse and impressive range of music set-ups. One said subreddit is the excellent r/MusicBattlestations, a place where musicians and producers show off their home recording stations. This is similar to the PC-orientated subreddit r/Battlestations.

We went through r/MusicBattlestations to bring you what we feel is the very best of the subreddit. Get ready to be dazzled by new and exciting tech in stunning places around the world, from cosy retro nooks to futuristic setups.

Some pretty futeristic sounds coming from this Space Oddysy set up

A pure retro fantasy

Beleive it or not, this is in the back of a van.

The most ideal home set up perhaps?

This reddit user brought the studio to his home!

One of the most cosiest set ups we’ve seen

This station is ready for battle!

Hard to believe this is in someones house!

An excellent example of a minimilist city scape set up

Is this a superhero’s lair or a home studio?

Top 20 best-selling digital singles of all time

Here are all of the best-selling digital singles of all time, with downloaded sales of at least 15 million copies.

While the list is not exclusive to the last decade, all of the top 20 digital singles have been released since 2011. Interestingly, while modern music is still available to purchase physically today and older tracks are available as digital downloads, the top physical singles (such as CDs and vinyls) with sales of at least 10 million copies were exclusively released in the 20th century, while the top digital singles with sales of at least 10 million copies were exclusively released in the 21st century.

This data is pulled from Wikipedia. See the full article here listing the best-selling single of all time, plus links to their sources.

1. Xiao Zhan – 光点 (Spotlight)

53.7 million sales

Released: 2020

2. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

41.5 million sales

Released: 2017

3. Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee – Despacito

36.1 million sales

Released: 2017

4. Rihanna & Drake – Work

32.5 million sales

Released: 2016

5. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This

21.5 million sales

Released: 2017

6. Ed Sheeran – Perfect

21.4 million sales

Released: 2017

7. Wiz Khalifa – See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth)

20.9 million sales

Released: 2015

8. The Chainsmokers & Halsey – Closer

20.7 million sales

Released: 2016

9. Adele – Rolling in the Deep

20.6 million sales

Released: 2011

10. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)

20.0 million sales

Released: 2014

11. Billie Eilish – bad guy

19.5 million sales

Released: 2019

12. Ed Sheeran – Thinking out Loud

19.5 million sales

Released: 2014

13. Camila Cabello – Havana (feat. Young Thug)

19.0 million sales

Released: 2017

14. Lil Nas X – Old Town Road

18.4 million sales

Released: 2018

15. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

18.0 million sales

Released: 2011

16. Adele – Someone Like You

17.0 million sales

Released: 2011

17. Rihanna – Needed Me

17.0 million sales

Released: 20216

18. Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello – Señorita

16.1 million sales

Released: 2019

19. Drake – God’s Plan

15.3 million sales

Released: 2018

20. Rihanna – Love On The Brain

15.0 million sales

Released: 2016

Top 17 best-selling music artists of all time

Here are all of the best-selling music artists of all time with 200 million or more claimed record sales.

After recently checking out the top 10 most streamed artists on Spotify, we thought it’d be interesting to turn back the clock and take a look at the best-selling artists of all time.

The artists below are ranked by their ‘claimed sales’, all with at least 200 million record sales. This includes physical and digital downloads of albums, singles, compilation-albums and music videos. To see the full break-down, and how these numbers are defined, sourced, ordered and verified, find the Wikipedia article here.

1. The Beatles

Claimed sales: 500 – 600 million

Period active: 1960 – 1970

2. Elvis Presley

Claimed sales: 500 million

Period active: 1954 – 1977

3. Michael Jackson

Claimed sales: 300 – 350 million

Period active: 1964 – 2009

4. Elton John

Claimed sales: 250 – 300 million

Period active: 1964 – present

5. Madonna

Claimed sales: 275 – 300 million

Period active: 1979 – present

6. Led Zeppelin

Claimed sales: 200 – 300 million

Period active: 1968 – 1980

7. Rihanna

Claimed sales: 250 million

Period active: 2005 – present

8. Pink Floyd

Claimed sales: 200 – 250 million

Period active: 1965 – 1996, 2005, 2012 – 2014

9. Eminem

Claimed sales: 220 million

Period active: 1996 – present

10. Taylor Swift

Claimed sales: 220 million

Period active: 2006 – present

11. Mariah Carey

Claimed sales: 200 million

Period active: 1988 – present

12. Queen

Claimed sales: 200 million

Period active: 1971 – present

13. Eagles

Claimed sales: 200 million

Period active: 1971 – 1980, 1994 – present

14. Whitney Houston

Claimed sales: 170 – 200 million

Period active: 1977 – 2012

15. Celine Dion

Claimed sales: 175 – 200 million

Period active: 1981 – present

16. AC/DC

Claimed sales: 150 – 200 million

Period active: 1973 – present

17. The Rolling Stones

Claimed sales: 200 million

Period active: 1962 – present

RouteNote’s Songs of the Summer 2021: The team’s sounds for the sun

The summer has come and the sun is here… well, it is sometimes. Whilst we might not be celebrating the season as usual for another year, we can still enjoy an eclectic range of tunes that perfectly accompany those sunny days.

Summer 2021 is set to be a summer like no other (except perhaps 2020). Whilst we might not be making our usual summer trips to lounge in the sun in some far off land, we’ll be making the most of what we do have and – of course – it will involve good music.

These are not necessarily new or up-and-coming tunes that we in the team have selected, but they are quintessentially some of our favourite tracks to roll down the top to, whip out the deckchairs with, cruise to the beach playing, and most importantly: feel good listening to.

Alanna (People): Upside Down by Jack Johnson
Alanna Hammond RouteNote

For a song to be classified as my Sound of the Summer it has to be something that you can imagine playing on a sunny day at the beach or driving with the windows down, this does just that. This time 11 years ago I was at a Jack Johnson concert and remember the crowd being so happy when he played this song.

Dan (Moderation): Amidinine by Bombino
Dan Barnes RouteNote

Driving feel-good Saharan riffs from Algerian band Bombino! You can practically feel the wind on your face as you roll down the coast.

Ed (Artist Services): Heavenly Mother by Pip Millett

This is definitely the song of the summer for me, it will always remind me of my amazing significant other and the exciting yet slightly daunting journey we are about to undertake as new parents.

Gio (Marketing): Năo Me Deixe Só by Vanessa Da Mata (remix)
Giovanni Degli Esposti

Summertime is brought you by Brazilian drum n’ bass wherever you are in the world!

Isi (Development): Hunk Night Summer by Let’s Make A Music
Isabelle May RouteNote

Ah… remember that great time last summer when the hunks arrived and there was a big party? …No?
Well, not to worry: the fine folks from the podcast Let’s Make A Music committed the whole thing to song, using crowdsourced Twitter suggestions for the lyrics, and produced an absolute banger of a summer hit!

Jacca (Marketing): Moisture by The Residents
Jacca Cock RouteNote

This song just screams summer vibes, right? It’s like you’ve washed ashore on a tropical island and everyone there parties all the time. Except that by some sardonic twist of fate you discover that the party-goers animation was just a deranged machination of your dehydrated mind and they are all in fact wax people. You watch as they melt in the blazing heat and this sunny paradise quickly becomes a confusing nightmare of cocktail umbrellas, hollowed out pineapples, and gloop. Still… cool guitar solo, huh?

Jamie (Distribution): Good Times by Genesis Owusu and Callum Connor
Jamie Chown RouteNote

Just a funk-soul feel upbeat up and coming artist. Song is just an easy vibe whilst we are in these times to just relax and watch the clouds pass you by.

Johanna (Marketing): Jerk It Out by Caesars Palace
Johanna Campbell RouteNote

It’s the noughties. The side fringe is strong. Jerk It Out is on. It’s the coolest you’ve ever felt in 27 degree heat.

Jordan (Moderation): The New Effect Freestyle by TNLE and Aitch
Jordan Jane RouteNote

This track is my ultimate summer banger because it’s uplifting, bouncy and it makes me wanna bop around my lounge.

Katie (Support): What A Day by Ben Howard
Katie McConnell RouteNote

This is one of those incredible songs which provides an excellent accompaniment to closing your eyes and feeling the sun penetrate your eye lids – it’s oddly uplifting and chilled while being melancholic and reflective. If you have a chance to check out the video too, it’s worth it!

Kieran (Marketing): Ready for Tomorrow by Babe Rainbow
Kieran Webber RouteNote

A delightful and breezy track that is layered in good vibes, a perfect soundtrack for those warm summer days.

Lee ‘Pixie’ (Moderation): In The Army Now by Status Quo
Lee Matthews RouteNote

“Waiting for the inevitable, with this song on repeat” – General Hum, 2021

Luke (Marketing): First Date by blink-182
Luke Evans RouteNote

I was revisiting my teenage years and rediscovered this summer banger. I will undoubtedly be blasting this out of my car on my travels this summer.

Maddi (Marketing): Pictures Of You by PREP
Maddi Amos RouteNote

I expect I’ll be listening to PREP’s debut album an awful lot once the sun comes out to stay. Especially the unashamedly funky pop of “Pictures Of You,” with its light harmonies. PREP love a bouncy beat and give off distinct Steely Dan and Phoenix vibes. They’ll put a spring in your step as you leave your house, bound for the beach.

Rich (Moderation): Deranged for Rock & Roll by Chelsea Wolfe
Richard Searby-Bates RouteNote

It was a long hot summer, dreamy days and crazy nights, leaving a trail of heists and adventure. Never looking back for fear something would tie us down, trap us in the moment and finish our endless journey into ‘Rock N Roll’ …those were the days.

Simon (Moderation): Horse Outside by The Rubberbandits
Simon Zverko RouteNote

Whilst the world has had more issues to deal with this year or so, with restrictions, people missing their families etc., it is important to remind yourself that materialism should come second to looking after your fellow man. Don’t be superficial, it doesn’t matter what others have or what car you drive, be happy with what you’ve got.

I can’t think of a song that represents an inner-peace attitude better than this one.

Love Thy Neighbour. Ride a Horse! 

Stan (Moderation): Short Court Style by Natalie Press
Stanley Perry RouteNote

Maybe I associate this song with summer because that was the season when I first heard this track, but I don’t think a single soul could deny that the whole track feels like speeding down a country road towards the beach on a sunny afternoon in July. From saucy grooves to soaring vocals, this track has everything you could look for in a summer jam!

Tan (Support): Allen Street by Pretty Sick
Tanith Cherrie-Wheal

I stumbled across this band and it quickly became one of my favorites.  This track has this grungy upbeat feel that I haven’t heard in such a long time, 90s riot grrl vibes. It now has a forever home in my sunny weekend driving playlist.

Tom (Marketing): Pretty Boys by Paul McCartney and Khruangbin
Tom Newman RouteNote

Who TF is Paul McCartney?! This is why I love Khruangbin, for shining light on unknown artists.

Tristan (Artist Services): Ventura Highway by America
Tristan Jane RouteNote

This one reminds me of family road trips as a kid, I can picture this playing in the background as we fight over who’s fault it was that the coolbox got left behind at the last place we stopped (mine).


Top 10 most-streamed songs on Spotify – the all-time most popular tracks

Which songs have been played more than all others on Spotify, as of July 2021?

Recently we’ve looking at Spotify’s most followed artists and those with the most monthly listeners. Spotify keep this streaming data public and you can find a breakdown of the top 100 most-streamed songs, as well as other listening data on Wikipedia here.

Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You took the top spot from Drake’s One Dance in September 2017, now holding the position for over 3 years. At number 2, The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights is the newest song on the top 10, being released in November 2019. Post Malone takes the top spot for the most tracks in the top 10 and top 100, with 2 and 7 songs respectively.

1. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

2.84 billion streams

Release date: 6 January 2017

2. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

2.35 billion streams

Release date: 29 November 2019

3. Tones And I – Dance Monkey

2.26 billion streams

Release date: 10 May 2019

4. Post Malone – rockstar (feat. 21 Savage)

2.21 billion streams

Release date: 15 September 2017

5. Drake, WizKid & Kyla – One Dance

2.06 billion streams

Release date: 5 April 2016

6. The Chainsmokers & Halsey – Closer

2.04 billion streams

Release date: 29 July 2016

7. Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved

1.98 billion streams

Release date: 8 November 2018

8. Post Malone & Swae Lee – Sunflower – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

1.95 billion streams

Release date: 18 October 2018

9. Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello – Señorita

1.87 billion streams

Release date: 21 June 2019

10. Billie Eilish – bad guy

1.81 billion streams

Release date: 29 March 2019

Top 10 most-streamed artists on Spotify – artists with the most monthly listeners in 2021

The most popular artists worldwide as of July 2021. Spotify’s monthly listeners give us a clear view of currently popular artists.

We recently looked at the most followed artists on Spotify, but who are the top streamed artists. Justin Bieber currently tops the chart with over 71 million monthly listeners. To see which artists have peaked over time, check out this Wikipedia article for a full breakdown of the stats.

1 Justin Bieber

1. Justin Bieber

71.08 million monthly listeners

2. The Weeknd

69.75 million monthly listeners

3. Dua Lipa

68.52 million monthly listeners

4. Ariana Grande

62.05 million monthly listeners

5. Olivia Rodrigo

60.55 million monthly listeners

6. J Balvin

56.19 million monthly listeners

7. Bruno Mars

55.76 million monthly listeners

8. Ed Sheeran

55.67 million monthly listeners

9. DaBaby

55.66 million monthly listeners

10. Doja Cat

55.54 million monthly listeners

Amazon launches Vinyl of the Month Club

Image credit: Amazon

In addition to having a solid streaming service, Amazon is now trying to push into the physical music realm with its new Vinyl Club.

As record sales have a three-decade high, companies like Amazon are wanting to cash in on the resurgence of the old music format. As such the company has announced its Vinyl of the Month subscription service, currently only available in the USA. 

The subscription service will send a new record to members every 30 days or so, but to start will be focused on an older generation of music. Expert records from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Aretha Franklin, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, and others of a similar ilk. However, there is no doubt this will expand to more modern artists, especially as they too are seeing a boost in physical sales. 

Members are able to see what record is being sent to them on their Returns and Orders page with the option to skip a record of they so wish. If they forget to do that, they can return the album as long as it remains unopened. 

It’s an interesting move by the company who are clearly looking to diversify how they get music to their users, be that digitally via streaming or physically. Either way, it’s a great way to get some brilliant records sent to your doorstep on a monthly basis. 

Heres what you can expect from Amazons Vinyl of the Month service: 

  • GET AN ESSENTIAL ALBUM, EVERY MONTH – Join the club and receive one must-own record from the Golden Era of Vinyl (1960s-1970s) each month, handpicked by the experts at Amazon Music.
  • BUILD THE ULTIMATE VINYL COLLECTION – Start or grow an enviable collection with some of the greatest albums ever — Iconic classics from artists like Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin, ABBA, and more. A great gift for anyone who’s just fallen in love with vinyl.
  • SUBSCRIBE WITH CONFIDENCE – You can skip a month or cancel any time.
  • BE AMONG THE FIRST – Subscribe now and help us evolve our service by providing feedback on your experience.

This AI-powered Bentley car is a better musician than you

Image Credit: Bentley

Bentley and LifeScore have developed an algorithm that allows a car to compose music in tune to your driving style.

Who’s the better musician – you, or your car? Luxury carmaker Bentley has developed an “adaptive music” player, in partnership with AI music startup LifeScore, inside a demonstrative Bentley that composes original music as its owner drives along.

Powered by AI, the music syncs with the car’s movements, influenced by speed and the driver’s style. As the car accelerates, the composition of the music changes in real time. “Cocoon” mode plays slow and steady beats for a relaxed drive, whilst “Enhanced” mode creates more energetic music on faster roads. The technology of the demonstrative car will pave the way for Bentley’s first full Battery Electric Vehicle.

How does it work, exactly? Blocks of music composed and performed by humans are algorithmically selected and reproduced by the vehicle in real time. The music was created by world-class composers and musicians and recorded at Abbey Road Studios. The audio was recorded using over 50 microphones in full sphere surround sound, so that future formats can incorporate sound from all directions at the highest resolution possible.

The Bentley car composes music from the sound bank of audio data and recordings. More than 100 billion tracks can be composed to soundtrack a 60-minute drive, and a single hour of human-composed music blocks can generate unlimited hours of music. The AI makes sure that there’s no repetition or robotic-sounding musical phrases.

Bentley said the “true driver-vehicle-music synchronisation” is an “industry first” – we did however report on a similar feature just a couple of weeks ago developed by Porsche. Porsche’s “Soundtrack My Life” is a prototype smartphone app that adjusts music to driving style and location, but unlike Bentley and LifeScore’s venture the algorithm doesn’t make use of Artificial Intelligence.

It seems that music that syncs to your driving is the future, at least of luxury cars. Now, if you need me, I’ll be off for a long dynamic drive in my Bentley.

Games on steam’s summer sale with great soundtracks

The infamous Steam Summer Sale is here and there are lots of games with great soundtracks on sale!

As video games develop and become more cinematic a solid soundtrack is now more important than ever before. Although soundtracks and video games have had a partnership since the beginning, it is now developing to a scale that is similar to cinema scores on your favourite blockbusters. We recently wrote an article that detailed just some of our favourite video game soundtracks, now you can grab those and more during the infamous Steam Summer Sale.

Throughout this article we wanted to highlight just some of the amazing games that are available at a discounted rate with a great soundtrack, not to mention excellent gameplay.

Horizon Zero Dawn – £23.99 (Original price £39.99)

Set in an apocalyptic future where robots wander the wilds and humans are living in tribes, imagine the gameplay of Breath of The Wild with Far Cry. It’s incredibly fun and engaging and packed with a full, and interesting story. All of this accompanied by a serene and stunning soundtrack that instantly grips you, taking you into the wild world.

Sea of Thieves – £23.44 (Original price £34.99)

Microsoft and Rare’s venture into the pirate realm was met with a lukewarm response when it launched, but since then the developers have been hard at work creating a constant stream of content. The world itself is utterly stunning and sees you sailing from island to island getting treasure, fighting other players, skeleton pirates, and mythical creatures of the deep. To join you on this swashbuckling adventure is a perfectly pirate soundtrack composed by Robin Beanland.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection – £14.99 (Original price £29.99)

All the Halo’s in one big, beautiful 4K remaster. Each game containing the infamous Halo soundtrack that is synonymous with taking on the Covenant. The soundtrack, in my opinion reaching its peak in Halo 3, who can forget that intro theme music?!

Red Dead Redemption 2 – £36.84 (Original price £54.99)

The long-awaited prequel to critically acclaimed western Red Dead Redemption was an instant hit thanks to its open-world, story-rich experience. The game is filled to the brim with interesting characters, side missions, and emotive storytelling that will bring even the toughest of people to tears. All of this is driven by the thematically beautiful soundtrack that added deep emotion to many moments in this wonderful game.

Battlefield 1 – £6.99 (Original price £34.99)

The Battlefield 1 game was mind-blowing for so many reasons, most notably the soundtrack and WW1 theme. Never before has the insanity of WW1 been brought to a video game format in such away. The music that accompanied the game was on the same level as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, it was truly cinematic. The soundtrack even had its own Vinyl release, just proving how special it was. For this price, you’re getting so much content, this is truly a bargain.