If you had any doubts as to how music streaming is taking over we’re seeing music streaming apps take over CD players in cars now.

Porsche are making a couple of firsts with their up-and-coming Taycan car. It will be their first completely electric car but it will also be the first car to feature Apple Music as a built-in app from the point of its conception.

Porsche will offer 6 months of free Apple Music to new and existing Porsche owners as part of the partnership. Combined with 3 years of in-car data provided by Porsche, drivers can listen to Apple Music’s giant library of music, curates playlists, their Beats 1 online radio station and more all without a smartphone.

Apple Music and International Content Vice President, Oliver Schusser says: “Listening to music can be an electrifying feeling. Since Apple Music launched, we’ve been working to bring our customers the best music experience possible in the car, and Porsche has been on the cutting edge in this space.”

Apple Music has been available in cars with CarPlay but this is the first time it will be a native app in a vehicle. Not only that but it will be fully controllable using Porsche’s voice control system so there’s no danger controlling what you’re listening to whilst on the road.

Porsche haven’t said whether they will include Android Auto yet but they have criticised the system in the past for it’s data collection. Porsche’s CEO has also told TechCrunch that more than 80% of their car owners own iPhones in the US.

As music streaming proliferates around the world as the most popular way to listen to music we’ll likely see much more of this. There was a time when car radios were being fitted with tape decks, then CD players. Now music streaming apps with a data connection are the future.