Image Credit: Spotify

Been wondering how to get the Spotify Car Thing? Users in the US can now buy the new device that makes playing Spotify in-car easy.

It’s been a little while coming, but Spotify Car Thing has now launched in the US. Previously limited to a waitlist, Spotify’s in-car music and podcast player is now available for anyone to purchase.

Spotify calls Car Thing a “seamless in-car audio experience,” and said it takes away the distraction of using your phone to listen to music whilst driving. Users can interact with the smart player on their dash using touch, voice and controls. To use the device, you’ll need a Spotify Premium account.

Car Thing features include saying “Hey Spotify” to activate voice commands for hands-free music. Users can swipe and tap the display to select tracks or podcasts, and scroll through playlists and artists using the large dial.

Presets let the user quickly choose from four shortcuts to their favourite playlists or podcasts. Spotify has made sure turning the device off again is easy too – vital for concentrating in-car.

According to Spotify, testers said that the interface and voice commands made choosing what to play easy. The player was developed to work with a variety of cars, whatever model or year.

So how much does Car Thing cost? Spotify is selling the in-car player for $89.99 in the US, including standard shipping.

Different designs and versions have come and gone, but somehow the name has stuck. Spotify has been working on Car Thing since 2019.

Car Thing needs a 12V power outlet and uses Bluetooth or AUX cable to connect to the car.

The new release still isn’t in a final form, as Spotify said an update will allow control over other audio apps. It is also working on addressing user feedback to incorporate Night Mode, dimming the screen after sundown, and an Add to Queue command.

There’s further potential for future collaborations with platforms like Google Maps, too.

Purchase your Spotify Car Thing here for $89.99.

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