Apple have added embedding options to their videos so that they can be shared around the internet.

Apple’s music streaming service Apple Music has so far been a great success since it’s launch 4 months ago. Though almost exclusively a music streaming service Apple have been dabbling here and there with video content for artists. In particular U2’s latest music video ‘Song for Someone‘ which makes use of a 360-degree view in the style of YouTube’s Virtual Reality videos.

Now Apple Music have subtly added embedding functionality in their music player so you can host the video on external sites. This is notable for Apple who have always been very exclusive with their services and products, often restricting compatibility of their products outside of their own services.

Sharing capabilities with videos hosted by Apple have been slowly appearing over the past few weeks including the new Apple Music advertisement with Kenny Chesney. The option to embed videos could be exploited by Apple Music to get their content elsewhere and promote the service as well as opening up audiences who aren’t subscribed to their content.

This addition will also work to enhance Apple Connect, a feature released simultaneously with Apple Music that allows artists to upload content and interact with their fans. This service was used for exclusive content from artists like Pharrell Williams and Drake earlier in Apple Music’s lifespan and it was also found that Apple were looking for video producers for in-house projects.

These moves could be threatening to YouTube who recently introduced their own subscription service, which included an “enhanced music experience.” With many of the videos on Apple Music’s Connect being delivered by YouTube links Apple could look to replace these with their own video player.

We will have to see whether Apple open up video embedding to all artists and videos or if they just keep it to an exclusive number of videos that they specifically want shared on other sites.