How to create a free smart link for your music as an independent artist or label

Fan Links or smart links are a great tool for artists or label managers to share multiple links to their music or social profiles with one URL.

With RouteNote distributing your music to so many stores, it can be difficult to predict which link you should share with fans. Using Fan Links via you can quickly and easily create one fully customizable landing page with all the necessary links. It’s super easy and free to get started.

Step 1

Login to

Step 2

Click Create New Campaign, then Fan Link.

Step 2
Step 3

Paste a link to your music on any major store. will automatically discover many other stores that your music is on. Click Next Step.

Step 3
Step 4 will automatically populate the Track Title, Artist(s), random URL and Feature Image based on the link you provided. You can type a custom URL here if you want. If anything is wrong here, just enter your own details. Once complete, click Next Step.

Step 4
Step 5

Here you can see all of the stores has automatically discovered. You can drag the dots to the left of the store name to reorder, disable links to hide them, or add more stores by clicking Add New Service Provider.

Step 5
Step 6 (optional)

To add a store, type in the Service Name. If recognised, will automatically input the store’s logo. You can enter any text you want in Service Name such as a personal website or merch store. Paste the link in the Service URL. Choose what text you’d like beside the store. Click Next Step once done.

Step 6
Step 7

Title your campaign so you can easily find it later. Click Launch Campaign to complete.

Step 7
Step 8

You’ll be returned to the Manage Fan Links page where you can see a link to your campaigns. Here you can test the campaign and share the link far and wide. Here’s one I made earlier.

Step 8

All features are available to everyone for free. RouteNote and non-RouteNote users can create Fan Links for free as well as view in-depth statistics for all campaigns. Head to to get started.

Where is Google Play Music in RouteNote’s stores selector?

Google Play Music is no more but it hasn’t entirely disappeared, it has simply been replaced by YouTube Music where your releases can now stream.

You may have noticed when uploading your music recently that there is no option for Google Play Music anymore. Google shut down Google Play Music earlier this year and it is no longer streaming music.

However, it is not entirely gone and has been replaced by YouTube Music. This means that all of your past releases which you had uploaded to Google Play Music will have been transferred to YouTube Music automatically and are still live and streaming.

Google Play Music is no longer available to select as a store for distribution when you upload to RouteNote. However, you will now see YouTube Music in your stores selector which you can choose to distribute your music to stream on YouTube’s dedicated music service.

How to get Spotify Canvas moving artworks for your music

Canvas artworks let you bring your music to life on Spotify with your very own custom video accompaniment, available to RouteNote users for free.

Canvas artworks are bringing artists’ music to life in unique new ways with short looping videos that replace their static artwork. Once your music is on Spotify through RouteNote you can get your very own Canvas cover simply and we’ll walk you through how here.

  1. First ensure your music is uploaded to Spotify. You can do this for free at
  2. Once your music has been sent to Spotify, claim your artist profile on Spotify for Artists.
  3. Once you have a Spotify for Artists account you can add your Canvas on either desktop or mobile.


  • Head to your Spotify for Artists account on the website
  • Head to your ‘Music’ tab listed at the top of the page
  • Click ‘Add Canvas’ in the top right corner


  • Go to your ‘Music’ tab in the Spotify for Artists tab
Mobile Spotify your music
  • Click on the track you want to create a Canvas for
Spotify mobile create canvas
  • Click Create Canvas and upload your short video

How to create the perfect Canvas

The visuals you use in your Canvas will need to meet certain requirements.

  • Ratio: 9:16
  • Height: At least 720 pixels
  • Length: 3-7 seconds
  • File: MP4 or JPG only

Spotify have teamed up with SoundBetter to help artists find visual designers that you can hire to create your unique and gorgeous moving artwork. Check out the artists available here.

Free smart links for music promotion

With RouteNote distributing your music to so many stores, which streaming service’s link should you share to socials? All of them in one with free smart links.

Fan Links or smart links collect all of the places that hold your music in one URL, this includes stores, streaming services, social media platforms and more. Our partner site offer free Fan Links to RouteNote and non-RouteNote users.’s interface is super easy. Just create a new campaign and enter a link to your music on any streaming service. will automatically enter the track title, artist(s), artwork and find many other stores and streaming services that hold the track. All of these as well as the URL itself can be edited. Enter any additional streaming services you’d like such as a custom merch store, change the order, logo or button text. Be sure to not forget these top streaming services. Then simply share your URL to all of your social pages and friends. don’t just offer free Fan Links, we can also hook your up with free Pre-saves and Content Unlocks. provide you with key in-depth, day-by-day statistics across all of your campaigns. offer all three campaign tools for free to all, with unlimited campaigns available to Premium members at just £4.99/month. pricing

Head to now to get started with Fan Links.

See how stacks up against the competition here.

Where Can I See My Spotify Statistics?

There are a few places an artist or a record label can see their Spotify statistics.

Firstly, you can check out your Spotify for Artists for real time statistics across your discography – which includes play numbers, types of listeners, playlists, countries of listens, cities of listeners, ability to edit your Spotify profile and more.

Secondly, you can always take a look at your RouteNote statistics and reports pages that provide you will a full run down of your stats across Spotify and all the other stores you have distributed your music.

What does RouteNote do?

As well as free music distribution to all major online stores and streaming services, RouteNote offers the complete package for independent artists and labels.

RouteNote have many free features to help artists take their music from their bedrooms around the world with distribution, marketing and analytic tools.

Music Distribution

RouteNote offer free music distribution to all major stores and streaming services around the world, such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal and many more. Simply upload your music to RouteNote, we’ll help you add the relevant metadata and a few days later, get your music onto the world’s largest platforms.

Social Media Monetization

On top of generating revenue across streaming services, we can help you earn revenue from content on social media platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


Proper online promotion is more important than ever. Our partner site provide artists with three key tools to simplify music marketing. Pre-Saves allows fans to save music to their library, prior to it being released. Come release day, your release will be ready for streaming. Fan Links consolidate all of the places your music lives into one beautiful, fully customizable landing page. Content Unlocks allow you to share exclusive rewards in exchange for social actions, such as a tweet on Twitter, subscribe on YouTube or share on Facebook.


Both RouteNote and provide in-depth statistics, showing you exactly who is listening to what tracks and how they’re accessing them.

Monthly earnings are paid into your RouteNote profile and can be securely deposited into a PayPal account.

Free users experience zero fees or recurring costs and keep 85% of the revenue. Premium users keep 100% of the revenue for a small fee.

We don’t hold any features back for our free users. Everything is available to everyone. You always keep 100% of the rights to your music and have full control of what goes where.

Sign up to RouteNote today to get started.

Which streaming services have the most paying subscribers?

Which streaming services are all of the cool kids paying for? Here are the most subscribed music platforms today.

These numbers aren’t always published by the streaming services themselves. Some are based off older estimates. Click the number to see the source.

1. Spotify

2. Apple Music
Apple Music

3. Amazon Music Unlimited
Amazon Music

4. QQ Music
QQ Music

5. YouTube Music
YouTube Music

6. Deezer

7. Pandora

8. Tidal

9. Gaana

Top 10 streaming services with the most tracks

Want to subscribe to a platform with the most songs? Which streaming services have the most number of tracks.

This data is from the streaming services themselves. Click the amount to see the source.

1. SoundCloud

190 million+ tracks

2. Apple Music
Apple Music

70 million+ tracks

3. Tidal

70 million+ tracks

4. Spotify

60 million+ tracks

5. Amazon Music Unlimited
Amazon Music

60 million tracks

6. Qobuz

60 million tracks

7. Deezer

56 million+ tracks

8. YouTube Music
YouTube Music

50 million+ tracks

9. Gaana

45 million+ tracks


40 million+ tracks