Image credit: Alvaro Reyes

Downloading your Apple Music library to your Apple Watch for offline playback is incredibly easy, here’s how!

As with all Apple products, Apple Music is designed to work seamlessly with other Apple products – including the Apple Watch. The user-friendly app allows users access to stream radio stations, podcasts, and download songs for offline listening. The last point we will be showing you how to do today. 

It’s no secret that Apple Watch users can download Apple Music tracks onto the device, but why should you use this feature? Well, phones are getting larger, and having a thousand-pound computer shaking around in your pocket whilst exercising is anxiety-inducing, to say the least. This is where the Apple Watch comes in to use, you can upload your music to the watch, connect your Bluetooth headphones and listen to your favorite music, without needing your phone. 

So, to begin you will need to open the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone, scroll down and tap music. At the top of this page, there will be an option called ‘Recent Music’. If this is enabled, your phone will automatically add music you’ve listened to recently on Apple Music. 

How to download specific songs & albums to my Apple Watch?

However, if you want specific music you can also do that by tapping ‘Add Music’ (positioned below ‘Recent Music’.) This will bring up your Apple Music library, offering instant access to your playlists, albums, singles, artists, etc. You will also have a search bar to seek out specific artists to download to your Apple Watch. Once you have selected the intended item to download tap the ‘+’ icon at the top right of the screen. This will add it to the download queue, with the download starting once the Apple Watch is charging near the paired iPhone. 

Can I remove downloaded songs from my Apple Watch? 

Thankfully removing music is as easy as adding music to your Apple Watch. On the same ‘Music’ page in the Apple Watch app, swipe left on a downloaded album/track and tap delete. To delete multiple items at once, tap ‘Edit’ at the top-right of the screen and tap ‘-‘ icon next to all the ones you want to be removed.