Top 10 most followed non-editorial playlists on Apple Music in 2021

While Spotify’s most followed playlists are totally dominated by their own editorial lists, Apple Music’s top followed playlists have more variety from major labels and indie curators.

Click here for Apple Music’s most followed playlists.

For the most followed non-editorial playlists on Spotify, click here.

Click here for the top third-party playlist curators to send your music to in 2021.

Unfortunately Apple Music do not provide numbers of followers on playlists. This data comes from Chartmetric.

British Music Exports Expected To Hit £1bn by 2030

British music exports could double to £1bn by 2030 if the UK exploits new and emerging markets after Brexit, according to a report by the BPI.

David Crosby Sells His Entire Music Catalogue

After expressing an interest in selling his publishing rights Crosby has now done so to Iconic Artists Group.

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