Image Credit: Apple

Apple Music Awards 2021 saw The Weeknd, Olivia Rodrigo, H.E.R. and many other artists around the world take home top awards.

For success on the platform and influence on global culture as a whole, Apple Music Awards honours achievements in music across five distinct categories: Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Top Song of the Year and Top Album of the Year. Winners are chosen based on Apple Music’s editorial team and what customers around the world are listening to the most. This year, Apple have introduced a new categories of awards for Regional Artist of the Year, recognising artists from five countries and regions: Africa, France, Germany, Japan and Russia. The Regional Artist of the Year award highlights artists who made the greateest impact culturally and on the charts in their respective countries and regions.

The past 12 months have proved to be a remarkable year for music, and we’re thrilled to honour the artists that are shaping culture and connecting with fans around the world on Apple Music. This year we’re also recognising more regional artists, showing the world the impact of extraordinary talented musicians who are making waves globally.

Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music and Beats

The Apple Music Awards celebration kicks off tomorrow (Tuesday 7th December), with interviews, original content and more. The event will be streaming worldwide on Apple Music and the Apple TV app. The streaming service is only available for subscribers. Click here to sign up to the three-month free trial. Did you know you can upload your own music to Apple Music and start generating revenue for free? Click here for more.

Global Artist of the Year: The Weeknd

I’m so grateful for this huge honour and want to thank Apple for all its support, not only for my work but also for great music by newer artists, where it matters so much for creators to be found and supported.

The Weeknd

Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year: Olivia Rodrigo

I did my first interview for ‘drivers license’ with Apple Music, and so much has happened since then. It’s truly surreal. Thank you to Apple Music for these amazing awards.

Olivia Rodrigo

Songwriter of the Year: H.E.R.

I am very honoured and blessed to receive this recognition. As a young Black and Filipino artist, and a woman who is on the stage giving my all, there’s no doubt that representation is important. Thank you so much, Apple Music.


Artist of the Year (Africa): Wizkid

Thank you to Apple Music for this award. It’s a blessing to get to do what I do, and I’m proud to be representing for Africa.


Artist of the Year (France): Aya Nakamura

I am extremely honoured to be the very first Francophone artist to win an Apple Music Award as Artist of the Year (France). Thank you, Apple!


Artist of the Year (Germany): RIN

2021 was such a good year for me because it has borne a lot of fruit of things that I postponed for a long time. My music has evolved in the same sense. I am much more personal.


Artist of the Year (Japan): OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM

We didn’t know Japanese artists could win this award and were shocked when we were told. We’re super happy to be the winners of the first Apple Music Award for Artist of the Year (Japan).


Artist of the Year (Russia): Scriptonite

This award is the culmination of an incredible few years, and Apple Music has been with me for so much of it along the way. Thank you for the recognition.