Shazam’s artist images now must be changed on Apple Music for Artists or iTunes Connect

Artists will have to go through Apple to edit the profile image that comes up when anyone Shazam’s their music now.

Last year Apple acquired Shazam, the music recognition app and discovery platform. The service has remained mostly autonomous and still connects with a variety of music services, although Apple Music is the default option to open and listen to a track you’ve Shazam’ed.

Apple have announced that Artist image updates are no longer available through Shazam for Artists. To change or update the artist image that appears on your artist page on Shazam, you will now have to update it on iTunes Connect or Apple Music for Artists.

This signals Apple’s first big move to integrate Shazam into their own music products. However, this doesn’t seem to signal that Shazam will become any less of its own, standalone platform anytime soon. It’s likely just simpler for Apple than running various different artist platforms.

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