Apple say Apple Music has “well past 20 million” subscribers

After revealing that they ended the year with 20 million subscribers Apple are now proudly boasting that since then they’ve grown to “well past 20 million” subscribers.

According to Apple’s senior vice president of internet software and services Eddy Cue at the Recode Media Conference, Apple Music is seeing their incredible levels of growth carrying on into 2017. Whilst Cue didn’t offer any exact figures he said that Apple Music’s subscriber count is “well past 20 million” which they announced they had earned in December.

On average Apple have been adding around 1 million subscribers a month, so assuming similar levels of growth Apple Music would be at roughly 22 million now. Eddy Cue’s tone suggests that it could be even more, but estimates suggest that their subscriber count is probably around 22 million now.

Whilst the service has seen impressive growth since launching almost 2 years ago now, Eddy Cue explained that Apple weren’t as satisfied as they want to be with Apple Music currently. Cue said they see room for “exponential” growth, citing 100 million music subscribers around the world, and even more listeners that don’t subscribe.

Cue also discussed streaming exclusives, something Apple has dabbled in in the past but has since been criticised by many in the industry. Lucian Grainge, Universal Music CEO, went so far as to ban any Universal artists from signing a streaming exclusive release.  Cue explained that they saw exclusive streaming rights as a promotional strategy rather than a long-term basis move for artists.

Cue said himself that streaming exclusives “are never good for the long-term basis” of the music industry. Cue said that their plans aren’t to try and secure exclusive streaming rights for a record but to instead work with the artists fully from start to finish on what they’re trying to do.

With 40 million subscribers last announced Apple Music have a way to go to catch up to Spotify, but their growth is showing good signs.

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