Apple Music’s new playlist is designed to keep spirits high during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many of us are stuck at home, many others are facing reasonable stress and concerns – we could all do with a little music relief.

Apple have launched a new playlist on their streaming service with the sole intention of lifting everyone’s spirits in this trying time. Their new playlist uses algorithms to present listeners with “happy-making, smile-finding, sing-alonging music”.

Using a combination of machine-learning and editorial curators the playlist will offer a bunch of recommended music, as many a playlist before has done, but with the express purpose of cheering listeners up and providing purely positive vibes. In addition they are choosing music that they hope will also be new to their listeners.

The playlist began rolling out earlier this week and should be available for most, if not all, Apple Music Subscribers now. The ‘Get Up! Mix’, as it’s called, can be found in the For You tab amongst users’ personal playlists.

For the remote workers around the world who aren’t going into the office anymore, Apple have also launched a ‘Home Office DJ’ playlist to provide motivation for people working from home. Meanwhile Beats 1 radio will continue to broadcast with it’s presenters recording from home.

Outside of music, Apple are also covering people’s entertainment needs by offering free e-books and audiobooks to users of their ‘Books’ platform in the US.

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