Apple Music HiFi and AirPods 3 Are Rumoured To Be Arriving Tomorrow

Image credit: Lala Azizli

A date has now been attached to the rumour and we could see the AirPods 3 and HiFi streaming via Apple Music arrive as early as tomorrow.

We recently reported on a rumour that Apple Music was adding a HiFi tier to their music streaming platform and that it would drop the same day as the AirPods 3. There wasn’t a date at the time of writing, but now it’s rumoured we could see this drop as early as tomorrow (May 18th). 

The rumour stems from Luke Miani via AppleTrack, a popular and reliable tech YouTube channel. The announcements are supposedly happening via press release as opposed to a prerecorded launch event show which is the standard. 

Although these are just rumours and should be taken with a  pinch of salt, the date does make sense as the reporting regarding the drop has been picking up pace. Not to mention that Apple would be interested in taking attention away from the Google IO 2021 event, which is on the same day. 

To further strengthen the rumours it was recently discovered by 9to5Mac that there are references to high-fidelity music playback in the iOS 14.6 beta as well as in the Apple Music App for Android. 

It is still yet to be confirmed if the High-Fidelity streaming will cost users extra or if Apple is to just introduce it for free. Other streaming services such as Deezer and Qobuz already offer this for an extra cost, so undercutting them would be a smart idea. Spotify also recently announced they would be releasing a HiFi streaming tier but are yet to announce their price. 

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