Apple Music Have 10+ Million Subscribers In Just 6 Months

Only six months after Apple launched their music streaming service Apple Music they have gained 10 million subscribers.

10 million subscribers may seem unimpressive compared to rivals Spotify and Pandora, both of which are approaching 100 million users. Why is it special for Apple Music then? Because it took them 6 months to get the same number of subscribers that took Spotify 6 years.

Apple Music debuted in June last year in over 100 countries and have since been accruing subscribers, helped in part with their free, three-month trial. Although Spotify are likely nearing 100 million users their actual subscription rate is near 25 million, based on estimates from their latest statement.

Spotify still maintain a strong lead but for Apple Music to have reached similar levels of success in such a short time can only indicate a bright future for the newbie streaming service. Apple Music’s service doesn’t do a lot different to it’s rivals, but it’s secret weapon is the 24/7 online radio station Beats 1, run by DJ Zane Lowe and featuring a host of world-class DJ’s, presenters, musicians, artists, and bands.

With the news that more Beats stations could be on the way 2016 should be an eventful year for Apple Music as we see the service solidify itself as a sophomore.

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