Apple Music for Artists adds new ‘Shareable Milestone’ feature

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A recent update to Apple Music for Artists now allows them to share milestones and successes with their fans.

Apple Music has recently updated its Apple for Artists app and added a new ‘Shareable Milestone’ feature that allows artists to share milestones and success with their fans on social media. 

The ‘Shareable Milestones’ feature allows artists to generate automatic milestones, such as record highs and bests across both Shazams and Plays in a country or region. In addition to this artists can post about tracks that Apple has added to their own editorial playlists. 

Apple Music artists will also be able to share a milestone card via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as Facebook or Instagram stories. There is also a feature to easily generate posts for messages or emails from the Apple Music for Artists app. 

If you’re an artist and you have music distributed to Apple Music (via RouteNote or otherwise) then you can access the Apple Music for Artists app, a tool that is filled to the brim with extra stats and advice. We wrote a handy little guide to how it works here, it’s an easy sign-up and gives you more power as an artist.

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