Apple Music close on Spotify with over 40 million subscribers

Apple Music are chasing after their biggest competitor in music streaming and gaining on them if their latest subscriber count is anything to go by.

Apple Music’s growth has been monumental since it’s launch roughly 3 years ago surpassing the majority of it’s competitors and gunning for their biggest rival Spotify. Apple Music are starting to gain on Spotify, with a new leak showing that they have surpassed 40 million subscribers.

In a memo by Apple’s senior vice president Eddy Cue, which leaked to Variety, they announced their latest milestone in subscribers, counting over 40 million around the world. This doesn’t include roughly 8 million Apple Music listeners using a free trial which takes their user count even higher, hence our reporting that Apple Music have over 45 million users in February.

The note also signified that their would be a new leader at the helm of Apple Music. After a 14-year tenure at Apple, Oliver Schusser has been promoted as the new vice president of Apple Music and International Content. Schusser has been deeply involved in Apple’s operations across a variety of their digital platforms.

Schusser moves from London to California to take on his new position where he will work between the Apple Park in Cupertino and their offices in Culver City. Schusser will be leaving the UK where he was heavily involved in the acquisition of Shazam which Apple are awaiting European regulatory approval on.

Spotify currently have over 70 million subscribers, so are almost double the number of Apple Music. Apple Music’s monthly rate of growth however stands at around 5% whereas for Spotify it is 2% so if trends continue Apple Music could certainly be encroaching on Spotify’s longstanding position as the leaders of music streaming. With almost the same number of free users on Spotify as paying though, Spotify still have the market cornered when it comes to where people are going to stream music.

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