Apple may bring Apple Music and Apple Podcasts to Windows and Xbox soon

Apple Music and Apple Podcasts may get their own dedicated apps for Windows and Xbox in the near future.

In October 2019, with the launch of macOS Catalina, iTunes split up its services into several different standalone apps including Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. Currently, Apple Music and Podcasts users must use iTunes or the web version of Apple Music to access these services on a PC. With iTunes being discontinued, Apple is likely to split their services on Windows and Xbox too, with new Music and Podcasts in the pipeline. Apple TV is already on Xbox, so this is likely.

Last year, the first signs that Apple was planning to launch the Apple TV app on Microsoft Store were revealed in September, while the app was officially released two months later in November. A similar schedule may apply to Music and Podcasts apps.

A report from iMore

In 2019, Apple was hiring engineers experienced in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to build the next generation of media apps for Windows. Microsoft reconfigured its gaming consoles to use the same UWP package format for its apps, ensuring the widest selection of content among Windows and Xbox, with the least amount of coding required from developers. Meaning if Apple Music and Apple Podcasts are written in UWP, it includes Xbox support by default.

Launching Apple Podcasts as a standalone app on Windows and Xbox puts more pressure on Spotify. Through 2019 and 2020, both companies have been ramping up their efforts (and budgets) in exclusive shows and new features.

Apple Music will compete with Spotify once it comes to Xbox.

Bringing Apple TV, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts to Windows/Xbox allows more potential customers to subscribe and use their services and combat antitrust complaints.

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