Record Bird add Apple Music to keep you up on all the new music from your favourite artists

Record Bird is an iPhone app that keeps you up to date with all the new releases from artists you love, and now it works with Apple Music to automatically recognise your tastes.

Record Bird just updated their app on iOS introducing Apple Music integration so that the app can easily scan your music tastes. When you give access to your Apple Music library Record Bird will scan the artists in your library and remember them. Once Record Bird has your tastes it will keep you updated with all the new music coming from the artists you like.

You can choose to get notifications for new releases and from the app can follow links directly to streaming services or stores to buy the release from. Record Bird have also added a news feed to their app so that you can browse all of the new releases and updates from your favourite artists, including any song releases that come out before the album

On their new update adding Apple Music integration, Record Bird creators said: “We love Apple Music and from all your feedback we gathered so do you: With a single click, you can now import your personal Apple Music library into Record Bird and follow all your favourite artists within seconds. Even better, on the release day of a new record, simply click ‘Stream’ and listen to any track or album directly on Apple Music.”

Record Bird also features a Discover section that you can explore, full of new releases from all genres. Through Discovery you can browse through an assortment or recent and upcoming releases by genre including new remixes, singles and more.

Record Bird also features integration with Spotify and Facebook so that you can easily scan your tastes without Apple Music, or scan them all to make sure there’s not a single artist you like that you’re out of the loop with.

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