Free YouTube Music Distribution

Get your music on one of the world’s biggest platforms for music and start earning money from every play with free distribution to YouTube Music.

At RouteNote we offer the solution for artists looking to get their music heard around the world and earn streaming revenues on every play. We work with all of the top streaming services and download stores around the world to take artists further including YouTube’s dedicated music streaming service.

You can distribute as many releases as you like to YouTube Music including singles, EPs, albums, and extended albums. We offer two choices for artists so that you can make the best choice for your music each time you distribute a release.

Free Music Distribution
  • Distribute unlimited releases at no cost
  • Keep 85% of all of your music revenue
  • Receive in-depth analytics and statistics on your performance in every store and service
  • Explore other benefits with YouTube like Content ID and our YouTube & SoundCloud networks
Premium Music Distribution
  • Market leading prices on distribution
  • Keep 100% of all of your music revenue
  • Stay flexible and decide between Free and Premium on individual releases
  • Only $9.99 annually after the first year to keep your release up on Premium
  • Your music will automatically move to Free if you miss a payment so it doesn’t disappear for fans

You can sign up to RouteNote for free and start distributing your music today. So what are you waiting for? Head to and start your musical journey today.

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What stores do UnitedMasters distribute to for free?

UnitedMasters offer free music distribution but only to a select number of stores. With RouteNote you can send your music to all of our partners, covering the top music services around the world, completely free.

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