How to become an Apple Music artist

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Find out how to upload your tracks to Apple Music for free, as well as access great free promotional tools.

Ready to release your music into the world? Apple Music is one of the biggest music streaming services out there, and a great platform to get your music heard.

But how do you upload songs to Apple Music? It’s simple once you know how.

Find a digital music distributor

To get your tracks onto Apple Music and other online streaming services and stores, you need a digital distributor. RouteNote specialises in free music distribution – we’ve been helping independent artists get their music online since 2007.

We guide you through the simple process as you upload unlimited tracks, all for free. To get your songs on Apple Music for free just upload your tracks and select Apple Music, along with whichever other platforms you’d like your music on.

With free music distribution from RouteNote you keep 85% of revenue once people start streaming your music. There’s also the option of RouteNote Premium – for a small fee, earn 100% of revenue, great if you’ve already got a big fanbase.

Promote your music

Once your music is sitting pretty on Apple Music, available for listeners across the world to stream, it’s important that you promote your release to start gaining traction and further fans. Time to start marketing your music, pushing your song and artist name across social media to drive up streams.

Stay active on a range of social platforms to maximise fan engagement with your music. An easy way to do that is to create a simple shareable page with all your social media accounts in one place. That’s something that, one of our partners, can help with.

Through you can create Fan Links, free fully customisable landing pages with links to your socials, your tracks on streaming platforms, and to any other important media, all in one handy place. Check out here – you get 30 Fan Links for free, as well as other goodies such as Pre-Saves and promotional content for your release.

Keep an eye on your analytics using the Apple Music app

Make sure you check out Apple Music for Artists. It’s a platform for artists who have tracks on Apple Music that lets you customise your release and keep track of how your music is performing.

See how many plays your Apple Music tracks are racking up as well as which playlists they are featured on. Insight shows you when you hit big play-count milestones, so you’re always in the know and can shout about it on social media. You can also customise your artist image, so your music brand is consistent across the web.

Ready to become an Apple Music artist? Head to to sign up for free. We can’t wait to get your music out there.

I write about music for RouteNote, sharing fun stuff, news, and tips and tricks for musicians and producers. Also a saxophonist and hater of marmalade.

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