Apple working with other companies? HomePod to add non-Apple music services

Apple are famous for many things and one of the most notorious is how unwilling they are to work with competitors, so their HomePod news was a surprise.

Apple’s WWDC event last week saw some interesting reveals from new devices to tech updates. Whilst some announcements saw them cut off partners to go their own routes, it looks like their HomePod speaker is getting democratised with third-party music services.

When Apple released their entry onto the smart speaker market back in 2018, already dominated by Amazon and others, it was notable that the speaker would only stream music from their own Apple Music service. This wasn’t really a surprise as Apple are notoriously insular when it comes to supporting/working with competitors.

A screen at the WWDC event however showed an Apple HomePod captioned with the announcement ‘third-party music services. They haven’t announced which services from the many popular streamers they’ll allow to work on a HomePod. It will be most interesting to see whether they include their primary rival: Spotify.

Earlier this year leaks suggested that Apple will release a sequel to the HomePod speaker later this year. Rumours also suggest that a HomePod Mini will come to the market as a cheaper, smaller alternative.

Apple are yet to confirm or deny these rumours – many were expecting to see them announced at the WWDC event but we only heard of a few updates coming to the existing HomePod, including third-party music service support.

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