Apple Music one-up Spotify with 4 months free streaming

Apple Music aren’t trying to keep their rivalry with Spotify with quiet, adding a bonus month of free music streaming just a week after Spotify did the same.

Last week Spotify upgraded their free trial so that new users can stream un-interrupted music on Premium for 3 months rather than 2 before they have to pay. However, Spotify’s plan to level the playing fields with their primary streaming opponent Apple Music has already been thwarted.

New users can now sign up to Apple Music for the first time and receive FOUR months of Apple Music streaming for free. After just a week of equal trial periods Apple has already taken the one-up on Spotify. 3 months is already a long time to stream music on Premium, 4 months as the standard is unheard of.

It’s not clear how official the four-month trial period is just yet as iTunes still shows a 3 month trial. On offer sited like Groupon and LivingSocial however, you can get +1 month on the 3 month free period for Apple Music if you’re a first-time subscriber.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is just a limited time offer, or if Apple really are pushing their trial out just to beat Spotify. As both services complain that user revenues are dwindling thanks to promotions and free trials it seems a weird part of their service to compete to extend.

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