Apple Music Now Available on Android

Apple have released the long-awaited Android app for their new music streaming service Apple Music

Owners of Android devices are now able to download Apple Music and begin a 3-month trial of the service, or continue their subscription if they’re already subscribed. Whilst Android users have been waiting 4-and-a-half months for Apple Music the app is still a beta version.

Users will have access to all of the main features of Apple Music – Music streaming, human-curated playlists, Beats 1 radio, Connect and iTunes purchases. Features that are currently restricted on the beta version are music videos and, funnily, the sign-up process which hasn’t been optimised for Android, meaning you can only buy or upgrade to a family membership on Mac or iOS.

Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, spoke about the move to Android with TechCrunch, saying: “We’ve obviously been really excited about the response we’ve gotten to Apple Music. People love the human curation aspects of it, discovery, radio.

“But from the moment we got into music, many, many years ago, we’ve always wanted to do things for everyone when it came down to music. Part of that was letting you enjoy your music no matter where you were and what products you were using.”

Cue also mentions how easy cross-platform use of Apple Music is between Android devices, iOS devices and desktop version of Apple Music: “So if you’ve got another device with Apple Music and you’ve got your whole music library in the cloud you can access it from Android. If you haven’t, but you’ve purchased music from iTunes in the past, if you use the same Apple ID when you join on Android it’ll read all the music you’ve purchased.”

The Apple Music Android app launched yesterday for every country where Apple Music is available except for China. The app has been designed to suit Android’s interface, though largely the same as the iOS version the “hamburger menu” should help Android users easily familiarise themselves with the app.

Regarding the decision to slightly redesign the app to suit Android conventions, Cue said: “It’s a full native app, so it will look and feel like an Android app. The menus will look like Android, you know the little hamburger they use on top. It’ll definitely feel very much like an Android app.

“We wanted customers on Android to naturally be able to use it – what they’ve learned and how they interact is common. Things as simple as [that] the share icon looks like an Android share icon; the menu structure being where it is; these are things that most Android customers are familiar with. We wanted to make sure that they felt very familiar with Apple Music when they sat down to use it.”

To read more of Eddy Cue’s interview with TechCrunch where they delve into why Apple Music is the first full Apple application made available on Android as well as his opinions on the industry you can read the article here.

Apple Music is available with a free 3-month trial and costs $9.99 afterwards. It is available on desktops through iTunes, a built-in music player on iOS devices and now an app on Android devices.

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