Apple Music Had 54.5 Million Monthly Users In 2015

Apple’s new music streaming service ranked at number 9 on Nielsen’s Top Smartphone Apps of 2015 racking up 54.5 average monthly users.

In Nielsen’s Top Smartphone Apps of 2015 chart Apple Music were surprisingly the only music streaming service to make it into the top ten. The chart also shows that Apple Music had an average of over 54 million unique users each month.

These are surprisingly high numbers considering the latest statistics showed roughly 15 million subscribers, about 6.5 million of those paying subscribers. Though Nielsen’s chart just counts the average users each month rather than actual subscribers it is still a surprisingly impressive number for Apple’s music streaming service, only released in July this year.

Nielsen's Top Smartphone Apps of 2015

The extra numbers for Apple Music assumably come from its use as an app for downloaded iTunes tracks rather than the actual subscriber numbers, though Apple Music have gotten off to a good start this year and it will be interesting to see where they stand next year in an increasingly congested music streaming environment.

Although iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market the majority of mobile users are using a device operating Android with a 53% to 43% split between Android and iOS devices.

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